What is High-Speed Internet and How to Measure it?

With so many internet service providers available in the market, the speed game has been getting stronger than ever. Every provider seems to be pushing itself to offer better speed than the rest, and that too at a cheaper cost. Therefore, the availability of incredible internet speeds is no longer a dream but a reality we live in today.

Faster internet speeds are quite the need of the hour to cope up with our online routines and activities. Nowadays, websites have more content and videos that require better internet speeds to load.

Also, we are usually streaming online in the background, scrolling our social media accounts while doing other online activities simultaneously, and on multiple devices. All this requires a steadily fast internet speed. 

Considering our connectivity needs, internet speed is one aspect that cannot be compromised, these days. If we go for slower internet speed for a cheaper cost, we will end up messing our personal and professional routines and tasks as most of them are dependent on a good speed internet.

So, even if it comes at a comparatively higher price, a faster speed internet connection has become more of a necessity.

Moreover, all internet connection types offer varying speeds. For instance, fiber internet is the fastest among all internet types and cable internet is faster than DSL internet.

Therefore, the type of internet connection and the service provider you pick will directly affect your connectivity experience. 

With more Wi-Fi usage, wireless broadband is often required extensively, but if you have something like Cox WiFi deals, you can enjoy seamless and rocket-speed internet access.

So, choose your provider and plan wisely for better peace of mind and productivity. If you are wondering how you can measure the internet speed to know if you are receiving what you pay for, then worry no more.

Here we are with all the ready information regarding high-speed internet. Hop in to find out!

What is High-Speed Internet?

We know this for a fact that a blazing fast internet speed surely comes with a bigger price tag, but what are the speeds that can be regarded the fastest, and what is their average cost?

Well, internet speeds as high as 1 Gbps are easily the gold-standard in the market and are offered by most cable or fiber internet service providers these days.

Cable internet, being cheaper as compared to fiber internet, might cost you between $200 to $300 per month.

If you are looking for a moderately fast internet speed, then cable internet offering 25 Mbps can be a good mark at an average price of around $40 to $50 per month, depending on the provider you choose and your location. 

Faster speeds like 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 1000 Mbps or more are better, but it is important to know your requirement first. Figure out the internet speed that is right for you, considering your online habits and activities. 

How to Check your Internet Speed?

It is quite simple to test your internet speed. There are effective internet speed tests available online these days that provide you a complete report on your current download and upload speeds. Moreover, they also provide you information related to any latency issues. So, finding out your internet speed is just a click away. 

Tips to Get Better Internet Speeds

In order to get an accurate speed test and measure your internet speed correctly, you can try out the following tips:

Pause any Downloads

You must pause any downloads running in the background, especially those involving larger files. Next, quit all the apps on the laptop and stop any updates being downloaded by checking the Windows Task Manager. 

Wireless Router Issues

Though it is assumed that connecting your computer through an Ethernet cable can help you get better speed test results, but it is important to check the internet speeds you experience where you are using it more commonly. So, test the internet speeds on your wireless network wherever you use your device the most to find out the speeds you actually experience. 

Take Care of Freeloaders

If anyone is using the internet in your house under the radar, or you suspect someone might be stealing your Wi-Fi outside the house, then you must first get rid of such freeloaders. This is because it will affect your internet speed test results. One of the best ways to do this is to change your network password before performing a speed test. 

Wrapping up

The aforementioned discussion summarizes the high-speed internet range easily available near you, and how you can ensure more accurate internet speed test results to find out the actual internet speeds you are experiencing.

This also allows you to check if you are receiving the internet speeds as promised by the internet plan that you have subscribed to. 

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