Most Popular Mobile App Payment Gateways

These days more than half of all sales are made by means of smartphones and other mobile gadgets, and the percentage keeps growing every year. Such popularity is obvious – who wouldn’t like to purchase online at any time from any place?

Mobile paying solutions are truly convenient, but there exist too many similar programs. So, which solutions do users trust the most? We’d like to present to you our list of the most trusted app payment services, and learning more about each of them will explain you such their demand.

Shall we proceed?

# Stripe

Stripe is a truly decent and sought after representative of payment gateways. Did you know that it supports 100 different currencies? The solution also manages Bitcoins.

The Stripe creators devoted enough time to consider developers’ needs – the APIs are simple to be managed, and the paying system is easy to get customized for applications. Mentioned circumstances turned into Stripe’s strongest competitive advantages.

Those are hardly the only perks since Stripe has more excellences to shine among other payment gateways. The solution is unique, as it allows transmitting credit card details to the paying platforms users choose. Obviously, Stripe works with Apple & Android Pay. Social media payments could be integrated as well. Users can also receive monthly summaries of their financial operations.

Speaking of Stripe’s rates, it’s 2.9% and ¢30 for each transaction. Yes, users have to pay for payment services, but that’s the price to avoid undesired hassles or troubles.

Stripe is actually worth your attention since even Twitter and Facebook apply the solution. Such trust means a lot.

Does such a payment gateway look attractive? When wondering how to integrate a payment gateway one might be pleased to know that Stripe offers the full guidelines on the process for both Android and iOS devices.

And we shall move on to our next impressive app payment system.

# Braintree

Braintree is a rightful gateway on our list. Definitely, it’s an excellent m-payment option delivering various advanced multifunction functionalities in 40 countries worldwide. Its credibility is proven by the fact that world leaders – say, Uber and Airbnb – apply the given gateway to integrate their mobile paying schemes.

The speed of Braintree operations is impressive: its payments get processed within 2 days when other solutions need 7 days to perform transactions. The overall system is very clear and understandable since it takes only several clicks to make it work.

Needless to say about the Braintree security. That gateway provides effective and secure protection against any kind of fraudulent actions.

Programmers certainly enjoy Braintree, as it helps integrate the paying scheme in a certain app really fast. Moreover, Braintree supports 6 programming languages.

Moneywise, the rate of the given gateway is 2.9% and ¢30 for every operation, after the first $50 thousand was already processed. Braintree also cares about its audience providing detailed instructions on gateway integration.

Back in 2013 Braintree was purchased by the PayPal company, so we’ll talk about that solution in more detail right away.

# PayPal

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning such a popular payment gateway. Who doesn’t know PayPal? Even people who don’t deal with funds electronic transactions are familiar with the given brand.

Such a demand is well-deserved. The audience can enjoy PayPal everywhere in the world, in addition, the solution handles over 36 different currencies. PayPal performances are unbelievable: the solution manages to process from 5 to 10 million transactions on a daily basis. Now you can see how many users PayPal has for now, and that audience keeps expanding.

The stats claim that around 80% of all US users have PayPal accounts.

PayPal represents a credible payment service with a reliable name. Certainly, its users are happy with the multiple practical features of the solution provider. Among the most useful ones, there’s the possibility to obtain checks via the smartphone camera together with the split payment support.

Furthermore, the PayPal invoicing tools are easy-to-use, as well as specific reporting functionalities help with managing monetary activities. Google Play, Telstra and many other big sharks take advantage of PayPal possibilities.

Regarding PayPal pricing policies, the usual charge is 2.9% and ¢30 for every transaction performed. The good news is that the rate will go down, in case you’re processing over $30 thousand monthly.

The PayPal official site provides clear explanations on the payment system integration for Android, as well as for iOS apps.

Those three mentioned are the biggest players in the m-payment industry. Undoubtedly, there exist many more solutions, that are less in-demand, but still pretty trustworthy. They deserve our attention as well since the possibilities they offer are quite useful:

  • PayPal Here

Obviously, the solutions are connected with the PayPal wallet. The system charges 2.7% for an operation. What’s worth being mentioned is the Beacon protocol integration. The platform also supports Bluetooth gadgets which might come in handy.

  • Dwolla

Dwolla takes pride in its features and parameters. The solution is pretty strong and is capable of processing thousands of payments simultaneously. The only thing is that users have to access a merchant account to be able to enjoy its advantages. In other words, we’re talking about a paying gateway for a merchant account. Its rate is ¢25 for every transaction.

  • EziDebit

The service works great for small businesses and for large corporations. The gateway is pretty understandable and transparent. The solution is to simplify the overall eCommerce procedures. Having no fixed commissions, the charge will depend on specific services granted.

  • Zooz

Users like Zooz thanks to its user-oriented interface and high speed of operations processing. Its owners know what it means to care for their audience, both regular users and programmers. Its integration takes minimum time and efforts, thus, Zooz represents a truly programmer-friendly payment solution.

In conclusion, we’d like to give you a few more suggestions.

What aspects to take into account for a mobile payment solution to become the best one

# The market itself

Future owners need to learn closely the market they operate in. Users from various countries prefer different payment systems, that’s why the analysis of the specific region has to be carried out.

# Protection against fraudsters

It’s about funds transactions, thus, the security has to be at the highest level. To make people trust the service, it must be properly protected against possible illegal activities. That’s the primary task.

# Interface configuration

It’s critical for an interface to be customizable. Then, demand and high conversion are guaranteed.

# A good name of the service

Nowadays the company’s reputation matters significantly. Users make some inquiries and learn on service as much as they can before they actually decide to give it a try. People read comments and ratings and wonder if that company has any famous clients.

Wondering how payment solutions become the best ones? They only have to be credible, convenient, efficient, user-friendly, and they need to get easily integrated into mobile apps. And that’s it – the desired is achieved!

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