Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is not a new name among Salesforce people especially after all the praising words we are hearing every day about it by Salesforce consulting companies.

 Still, Let’s start this blog with a simple definition-
So in the easiest words, “Marketing Cloud is a CRM (Customer relationship management) solution by Salesforce which helps marketers to manage and create marketing relationships with their customers.”

Now when the definition is pretty clear let’s go to the reasons why Marketing cloud may prove beneficial for your business-

To know its benefits you will have to understand What exactly Marketing Cloud do? So first let me make this clear then we will move to the benefit part-

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud connects to your customer where they actually spend their time i.e. on web, mobile, and email.
  • Marketing cloud provides customized offers, reminders, and recommendations.
  • It offers customer service in real time.
  • Marketing cloud enhances your presence on social media.

In the words of Kimberly Haase Ruthenbeck, Director of Web Experience Room & Board- “Marketing Cloud has allowed us to talk to customers individually and create more of that 1-to-1 relationship like we have had in the stores for so many years.”

I could have given many reasons to go for Salesforce Marketing Cloud but you are busy so Here are the 5 high notes that make Marketing Cloud stand out from others-

1. It’s a part of Salesforce family-
Marketing Cloud is integrated with Salesforce so Marketing cloud users can leverage salesforce to provide a unique and seamless journey to their customers. You can understand the marketing reach of salesforce by the fact that- In the recent years Salesforce has acquired many marketing cloud companies as, ExactTarget, Radian6 and Buddy Media. The option of integrating Salesforce data (analytic, sales and Service) with marketing cloud can help companies to make their customer journey even better.

2. It’s the world’s fastest growing CRM marketing platform-
According to a report by Gartner- “Marketing Cloud has become the fastest growing vendor in the CRM Marketing industry. Isn’t that enough to go for it?

World’s 90% data was generated in the last year yet only 1% data has been analyzed for marketing purposes, So the marketing industry has a lot to process and being world’s fastest growing marketing CRM solution Marketing cloud can help you a lot in this manner.

3. Nurtures your customers throughout the whole journey

Marketing cloud keeps an eye on the whole journey of every customer- from the first interaction till being a brand advocate. These are the stages of a customer journey where marketing cloud have your back-

  • Acquire- For marketing cloud customer’s journey begins when we reach to them on their favorite platforms. So Salesforce Marketing cloud acquires your customers through Social media, Email, and ads.
  • Sell- This stage is all about improving transaction experience.
  • Onboard- Marketing cloud nurtures your relationships with your customer even before they get onboard.
  • Engage- Marketing cloud makes continuous engagements with your customers to make the brand-customer bond stronger.
  • Advocate- Today a single social media post can turn millions of heads and encourage thousands of people to be future customers. A satisfied past customer can be the best future brand advocate. Marketing cloud takes care of customers even when your business is over with them.

 If you are ready to adopt Marketing cloud into your company, go find a Salesforce development company and get ready for the marketing transformation of your business.

4. Made for every kind of businesses-

No matter what your business size is, what your expertise level is or where your customers are found, Marketing cloud can always help you to reach your marketing goals. Whether you are a large enterprise looking for sophistication and scalability or a startup finding an easy to find and reliable marketing solution Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be customized according to your needs.

According to Scott McCorkle, CEO of Marketing Cloud- “Marketing Cloud transforms how
companies connect with their customers in real time. Marketing Cloud is the platform for marketers to plan, personalize, and optimize customer journeys across all channels and devices.”

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