Social Media Channels Your Business Should Use Other than Facebook

If you understand the power social media holds in terms of marketing your brand, then you have a good head on your shoulders. Then if not, sad to say – you should really get with the program. Beyond knowing when to post, what to post, and which ones are qualified for paid promotions, using social media is about how your audience digests the information and their general behavior towards it.

Now, it’s just the manner of finding the right channels for your business to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Here are some of the best social media platforms your business should use aside from Facebook.

1.       Youtube

Who could forget the world’s leading video-sharing platform? Not us! Through this channel, you can communicate and deliver relevant brand messages to your consumers. With over billion-hours of video consumption in a single day, brands have a great opportunity to make themselves known through Youtube.

2.       Instagram

This is a significant platform where you can build and strengthen your brand. Instagram holds the power of imagery marketing. If your business is on the creative niche then you will have no problem adapting to the rules of Instagram’s playground. This platform allows you to connect with billions of daily active users. You can expect to gain higher engagement rates on your posts than any other social media platform.

3.       LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is now more than just a collection of online resumes and a job posting site. It has adapted the digital culture and evolved into a more professional and corporate-looking social media site. You can engage with fellow business owners and thought leaders, build your network, establish your authority in the industry and even gain new talents to your company.

4.       Messenger

Now you might be thinking – isn’t it the same as Facebook? Actually, yes and no. It may be Facebook’s messaging feature but the company has made Messenger into a separate application where businesses can now generate their own chatbots, advertise as a brand page and even send newsletters.

5.       Twitter

Twitter’s useful when it comes to providing real-time updates. Now if your brand is really big on providing news and updates about events, then, this platform should most likely be one of your key platforms. You can engage in conversations ranging from politics, sports, entertainment, etc. Brands often use it as their customer service tool because it is extremely useful for social media listening.

Getting that much needed boost in our online presence is more than just knowing search engine optimization, what is involved in creating a website, its design, or maximizing WHOIS lookup for domain registration. You should be able to take advantage of social channels that have a significant amount of users you can tap into. This means going beyond Facebook and studying the online behaviors and the potential of other channels too.

Consider testing the channels listed above and see where you are able to reach out to more of your audience.

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