The Game Booster and the Most-Asked Questions Around It

Some Smartphone products, mainly the old series, can be simply lagged when being used for games. The main reason is due to the RAM capacity that is quite small. Sometimes, you may just decide to change your Smartphone just to enable you to play the game more smoothly.

Interestingly, buying a new phone device is not the only solution. There is an app that helps you play games namely the game booster. In general, a game booster can be defined as an app that turns off some app functions and supports the game app you play. There are mainly 2 types of the game booster; they are to be used on PC and Smartphone anyway.

Although this app looks promising, you should still consider some matters before installing it. So, do you want to know more about this kind of app? Make sure to read some explanations below.

Is it really important to download and install a game booster?

The use of a game booster basically depends on the user’s necessity. In case your Smartphone has been good with high specifications, it looks like the booster is not needed. Besides, it also depends on what kind of game you want to play. There are indeed some games that need a Smartphone with high performance. If such a game is the one you want to play, it means you need to download the booster.

Is it true that the game booster avoids Smartphone lagging?

Yes, it is actually the main function of a game booster. As it has been mentioned above, when you are activating it while playing the game, other apps are automatically stopped and closed. Then, it optimizes the game you have played so that problems like lagging will no longer be experienced. But sure, it also depends on the type or product of booster you choose. In fact, some products are not performed well after they are installed.

Is that any side effect of the use of a game booster?

In general, there is almost no side effect of the use of the game booster. Well, it is as long as you choose the best game booster available in Play Store. The only side effect is probably about the use of space. Some products of the game booster are produced with a large capacity. When your Smartphone’s memory is not too big, it sometimes gives another problem. Yes, the game may work optimally but other apps may be getting slower.

How is it to choose the right game booster app?

In Play Store or the App Store, it is very easy for you to see whether the product is really recommended or not. It is by seeing ratings and testimonials given by other users. Make sure to choose an app that is highly recommended by others. Besides, the editor’s choice product should be considered also since the performance is guaranteed to be good.

More importantly, you must also take a look at your Smartphone. You can check the capacity first as well as the remaining memory to use. the game booster app you finally choose must not be bigger than the remaining capacity. Choosing a product with a small size is just a good idea anyway. When it is not really urgent, you should also not update the product since the size must be getting bigger?

Is there an alternative to play the game smoothly besides using the game booster?

Sure, there are many alternatives. One of them even has been mentioned above. It is buying a new one. In fact, your Smartphone someday is getting out of date. This way, buying a new product is the best solution of all.

Another idea is by uninstalling some other apps that fill in your memory. You can make a priority scale; the apps to be maintained and them to be deleted. Maybe, you can be loyal only with one or two games only. Meanwhile, other games can just be removed from your Smartphone.

There is actually one more app to support your gaming activity aside from the game booster. It is known as the ram booster or RAM optimizer. This app doesn’t only work at your games but also other apps on the Smartphone. The products have different ways of working. Some of them can delete cache automatically while others, you need to tap the app first to optimize your Smartphone performance.


A game booster is a great app to improve your Smartphone performance mainly to play the game. More importantly, you need to use it wisely to avoid other apps being sacrificed.

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