The 2016 e-Gaming Trends That Will Buzz the Market

the 2016 e-gaming trends

Online gaming has been an important part of gaming industry during the past few years. So, how about the gaming marketing in 2016? As posted in Engadget, it seems that the 2016 e-gaming trends will still be dominated by online gaming. It is big in 2015, and will be even bigger next year. This assumption is based upon the fact that gamers around the world now prefer non-console gaming as it is simpler as well as less costly.

Looking at the 2016 e-Gaming Trends

The following are some of 2016 e-gaming trends to watch out. These are driven by the trends as well as evidence from business reports.

The End of Console Gaming?

Business reports also showed that during the last few months, revenues from console gaming has steadily decreased, as the gamers shift to mobile gaming. In 2015, e-gaming accounted for at least 16.6% of the e-gaming market and it seems that the number will keep increasing by 2017. Why? The mobile gaming is about to overtake the console gaming. Take Candy Crush and Angry Birds, for instance; both are now more popular among young gamers than Xbox-based games.

In addition, mobile games suit better the modern life, as they can be played anywhere simply by pressing the gadget keyboard. The gamers could not enjoy such convenience with console-based games.

Social Gaming Will Explode

Social networking will still play an important role in e-gaming market in 2016. Social media are still important targets of e-gaming developers, as the users of social media have kept increasing during the last few years, and the trend seems to continue until the next two years. What about the 2016 e-gaming trends on social networking world?

It is predicted that the trend will shift to fantasy sports and skill-based games, such as Football and Fan Due. For gamers, sharing the achievements to friends in social media is a great part of winning celebration. They feel much more satisfied when winning the games using skill, instead of luck.

The Rise of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) games has appeared to be much more important since the WebSummit 2015, which was held in Dublin. VR has attraction more attention from the gaming industry and some important game developers have been in serious discussion about it as the number of start-up developers that offer VR is staggering.

It was reported that even the most popular social network, Facebook, will launch its VR-based games, called Oculus Rift, in the first quarter of 2016. Furthermore, the VR games will be dominated by movies, followed by sports and education. Even some developers predict that VR can make the biggest achievement as the part of 2016 e-gaming trends.

Extendable and Refreshable Mobile Games

The 2016 e-gaming trends will also include the coming of extendable and refreshable mobile games. This way, updates will be much more important than they once were. Updates will not be limited to bug fixing or addition of optional contents. Instead, they will include massive extension, which aims at increasing engagement. Actually this has been applied by some developers, including Clash of Clans.

So, be prepared to look for the trends. On the part of developers, the 2016 e-gaming trends will help them design the right marketing strategy. On the part of gamers, they are important aspects in decision-making.

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