Why Facebook Dark Post is an Extremely Genius Advertising Strategy

By making a fan page, Facebook has many ways for business to engage with their existing and new customers. From just a simple status updates, pictures, until paid advertisements. Brands must promote their products frequently to their fans news feed. But unfortunately, many Facebook users think overflowing advertisement from a fan page is spamming their news feed and they finally choose to unlike the fan page.

If your brand is experiencing this problem, it means you will need to use Facebook Dark Post feature. What is Dark Post actually? Dark post is usually called “unpublished post”. This is because when a fan page decides to use this feature, the post or advertisement won’t appear on their timeline. But the good thing is, the post will appear in their targeted customers’ timelines. Interesting enough? Or are you wondering why all of these will matter and what is the consequence of this type of ad? Well then let’s see why Facebook dark post can be an excellent game changer in Facebook ads universe.

You Can Target Who Will See the Advertisement

When you post a usual status updates or an ordinary advertisement, everyone who likes your fan page will definitely see the post. But not all of likers on your fan page will actually do something with it. Some of them are there perhaps just for the freebies you often offer. Some of them want to know about special discounts or just love seeing good pictures. Some of them might just ignore it completely.

These kinds of advertisements are not effective and waste your precious budget. However, when you use Facebook dark post, you can choose which audience you want to target specifically. Those people can be the likers of your page or even someone who doesn’t have any idea that your product exists. You can reach new audiences by input specific interests. This way, your ads will only visible to people who will most likely to buy your products, giving the right exposure to the right crowds.

It Won’t Bother People Who Don’t Want to See It

Truth can indeed hurt. But let’s face the fact, people hate to see Facebook advertisement running around their news feed, especially ones they won’t ever need. And when they keep seeing unwanted advertisements in their news feed, the chance is high that they will leave your fan page.

Thankfully, by using Facebook dark post, your post cannot be seen by those who don’t want to see it. The less people get annoyed by your ads, the more people will stay in your circle.

You Can Test Which Advertisement is the Best

Sometimes you don’t know what you want to write, or you can’t figure out which advertisement will work the best for your targeted audience. Facebook dark post will let you do an A/B testing. It means, you can post several ads to several different groups of targeted audience. You can see which taglines, pictures or header the customers like the best by seeing which ads get the most visitors.

This feature is the one that sets Facebook advertisement aside with the competitors. It is very effective to test what kind of ads the customers like the best. However, you must also remember that there will always an opportunity of getting new customers outside of the target audience. So, combine the dark post with the organic post which can be seen by all the likers in your fan page. The A/B testing from the dark test can determine which ads are the most likeable so you can use it in the organic post. By using this feature, hopefully you can widen your brand recognition and furthermore, generate more profit.

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