Some Tips On How To Control Your Facebook Information

Knowing how to control your facebook information is what you have to know if you are a facebook user. No matter how active or frequent you are at using your facebook account, managing your facebook page and timeline is highly substantial. If you have been using facebook for a quite a long time, you will know how important it is. One of the main reason behind it is how this adjustment setting will prevent you from some people that annoy you so much on facebook. They can be your old friends who frequently post something on their facebook account so that their post always appear on your timeline everytime you open yours. The person is not what matters, but how to adjust your facebook setting is what matters. So, here is some simple tips on how to control your facebook information from this type of people.

The first thing you have to do is setting your post for your friend list only. You must have some close friends who you want them to put comments on your status or simply like your post. Hence, put those people on your list and share your post with that list only. The same rule applies the other way around. You can also hide these people from your timeline. This way, those people who annoy you with their comment and post will never bother you anymore. This is mainly because they cannot see your post and their post is not going to appear on your timeline. However, more often than not, facebook friends are not the only one which can annoy you on facebook. Unimportant apps and annoying page can also make your facebook time less fun. Hence, you can also hide them from your news feed to stay away from their post.

The last simple tips which you can apply is blocking the app and event coming from some people. More often than not, you have found some people send you an invitation frequently to like an event or even to use an app. This is another reason reason why you should adjust your new feed. In fact, instead of blocking that person directly, you can simply block their invitation by using the blocking section. That way, they will not be able to frequently send you an invitation you do not want to attend or like. In the end, the key to how to control your facebook information is very simple, indeed.

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2 Comments on "Some Tips On How To Control Your Facebook Information"

  1. Thank you for sharing this great piece of information Denny, I have some people at work who I find very annoying and don’t want them to see my posts! I have followed your instructions and their posts are no longer visible on my feed, I guess its working! Thank you very much!!

  2. FriendsForever | November 5, 2015 at 7:30 am |

    I wish i knew this sooner, I have been avoiding adding a few people I hate on facebook now i can add everyone and put all the people I dont like in my special group… what have you named your special group? I PLAN TO NAME MY GROUP MARBLES!!

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