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Advertising Strategy vs. Promotion Strategy

Differentiating advertising and promotion strategy can be very challenging for some people. It looks and sounds the same. Most customers don’t realize the different either. Meanwhile, they are two different things. Running a business, you need to know the difference and see how it brings effect on your business. Here is a short explanation about those points.

The Purpose

Advertising Strategy

Advertising strategy is purposed as a one way communication between you and your customers. It means there is no communication response from your customer other than their decision to buy. The main goal is to sell your products or services. In this strategy, you may need to provide enough information on your product or service, which is also called product knowledge, for your customer. The information delivered should empower your persuasion for customer purchasing your offer. Your customer will use it as consideration. The other goal, that many reputable companies targeting, is to build your brand name. This is why you will find very creative ideas on advertising campaign as well as consistency in it. You need to get customers to buy.

Promotion Strategy

Unlike advertising, promotion strategy is purposed as a two ways communications between you and your customers. You will give them something and they will give you the feedback. Likely, you will give away things like free samples or products, money prize, or even awards to certain people, even those who may not have any interest in your product in normal situation. It can be a little tricky because you need to stay classy. You want to be generous enough but not cheap. The main goal of this strategy is to increase the sales. When people are psychologically attracted and attached to you, they will buy your products, and even recommend it to others. This strategy may support your brand building but it is not the main goal of it.
The Characteristic

Advertising Strategy

Advertising strategy is targeted for a long term use. It is supposed to make sell and to build your brand in advertising repetition. It can’t be done only one time and it can’t be done shortly. It also explains why this strategy will take most of your budget in running a business. It doesn’t show immediate result in common condition. For medium to big business, this strategy is often shown through their TV commercials, radio ads, and other ads like magazine commercials. You need a good concept for this, and to review it from time to time. A change is possible for years of use. Small business doesn’t necessarily have to apply this.

Promotion Strategy

Promotion strategy is targeted for a short term use. It is supposed to empower the sell. It may give very little effect on your brand building too when you apply it right. This strategy can be fully applied by small and medium businesses due to the affordable budget when applying. Many companies like the idea of spreading brochure containing their product knowledge, free samples during an event like exhibition, and issuing coupons to target audience. You can do the same things during special occasion like Christmas and New Year, Valentine Day, Thanksgiving or any other special days. Even though it is simpler and shorter, you need a perfect plan so it delivers the targeted result.

Now, as you know the difference, the knowledge is felt more and more important than ever before. The qualities are different as well as the characteristics. Each of them delivers different result on your marketing. Knowing the difference, you will be able to use it strategically in an appropriate manner to empower your product success. Good luck.

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