Top Five Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet

Surfing the internet is awesome. You can do an extensive research on human brains, discover new places you have not heard before, and knowing all of the awesome stuff you have not known before. Or you can simply use the internet for entertainment, it works too! Nowadays, internet is an inseparable aspect of our life. It rules pretty much almost every walks of life. And people could always stay in the know with the help of internet. If you are someone whom particularly loves to browse internet from Android devices, then you might want to know several good Android Browsers out there for the best and the smoothest browsing experiences.

APUS Browser: Perfect for the small packages!

APUS BrowserAPUS is best renowned for its launcher, but now it has ventured the field of web browsing with a nice lightweight browser which is perfect for mobile internet browsing. It has minimal and simple aesthetic with just 0.6 MB in size. This browser is definitely slim but it has several extra features that can pleasantly surprise users. One cool feature that APUS Browser has is that when you copy a sentence or any text on your phone, the browser will open up a prompt allowing you to search for it on the internet. It is definitely a nice touch and you can simply copy paste the keyword you wish to seek instead of taking extra time typing it yourself. Additionally, Apus Android Browsers also allow users to disable image results to save up on your data capacity. This browser is definitely worth your try, especially since it is a free browser. It is even more recommended if you are not running on the latest, most powerful Android hardware.

Chrome Beta: Perfect for those who need to stay ahead of the curve!

Chrome BetaWe are not just talking about the regular, old boring Chrome, but its better version! The Chrome Beta! Being one of the fastest browsers out there, users can stay ahead most of the Chrome updates before they even reach other users who use regular Chrome. This version is boosted up with a wide variety of features, and you can even give your feedback directly to Google by using this browser.


Link Bubble Browser: Perfect for Time Efficiency!

Link Bubble BrowserAs a browser, Link Bubble might come across as a tad bit cheeky, especially since it does not offer specialized function for dedicated search, but it’s definitely great for saving up your time. If you are the type who wish to use your browsing time efficiently, definitely try this browser. It allows you to perform other function rather than only waiting for a webpage to load.


Puffin Browser Free: Perfect for smooth trackpad experiences!

Puffin Browser FreeAvailable for free, Puffin Browser is definitely an interesting browser option. Not only is it extremely customizable, with some neat backgrounds and add-on features, it also has an amazing ability to emulate a trackpad and a mouse cursor. This particular feature is ideal for those who are accustomed to laptop experiences. Furthermore, before delivering materials to your handset, it will transfer them first to its cloud servers to smoothen the loading process. For devices that have small bandwidth, this is a great and useful feature to help loading bigger files!

Dolphin Browser: Perfect for its Flash Player and Overall Great User Experience

Dolphin BrowserAmongst Android community, Dolphin Browser has become a darling of browsers. It looks great, it is highly functional, and its package comes with some of the best features and great controls that an Android browser could possibly deliver to. This browser also supports Flash Player, meaning that users don’t need to suffer because some website don’t keep up with the latest technology. Which of these Android Browsers is your favourite? Tell us!

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