Everything You Need To Know About The Android Store

Android store” also known as Google play is a service offered and built by Google. It provides distribution services online to android users officially who have legit android devices. It acts as a digital store where you can browse and download different kinds of apps within a few seconds like games, music, books and television shows etc. You can download these applications from your android phone as well as from your computer.

Google play store offers both free and paid apps. You can download either free apps or paid apps according to your own will. The total number of downloads on the android app store has reached 41.9 billion in the first six months of 2019 and is increasing day by day. Likewise, the total number of apps which are available on android are 3.5 million as of 2017.

Categories of apps on Play store

As I mentioned earlier, you can download free apps or paid apps according to your choice. Google play store gives personalized recommendations to their users after seeing their past history, their preferences and interest. Plenty of categories are provided to the people. Categories provided by the play store are as follows:

1.   Art and designs                                   17.  Food and drink

2.   Auto and vehicles                              18.  Health and fitness

3.   Beauty                                                  19.  House and home

4.   Books and references                        20.  Libraries and demo

5.   Businesses                                             21.  Lifestyle    

6.   Comics’                                                22.  Maps and navigation

7.   Communication                                  23.  Medical

8.   Dating                                                   24.  Music and audio

9.   Daydream                                           25.  News and magazines

10.  Education                                            26.  Parenting

11.  Entertainment                                      27.  Personalization

12.  Events                                                   28.  Photography

13.  Finance                                                29.  Shopping

14.  Social                                                    30.  Video play and editors

15.  Tools                                                      31.  Weather

16.  Travel and local

Moreover, many subcategories are given in the Games and education category. In games, you can play different types of games like strategy, action, mind, educational games etc. In the Kids category, you will get many multiple subcategories like apps for the children under 5 years old, children who are between 6-8 years old, Ages9 and up, Creative, educational, creative games etc.

In addition, Google has introduced another feature recently, where they trained the teachers to evaluate the apps that are for children. Teachers will assess whether the applications made for children are suitable for them or not because many kids are using mobile phones now a day.

Payment methods in the Android store

Android store accepts multiple methods of payments for paid applications like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Prepaid gift cards, gift cards and Google Play/wallet balances.

4 Helpful feature of Play store

1. Content restriction

This feature is very convenient if you have children in your home. You may want that your children should not watch the content which is not appropriate for them and which is not made for them. You can open this option by going into the Google play store app settings and activate parental controls.

2. Authentication feature before buying any app

If you have attached your credit cards with Google store and you think that someone or your children may use your credit cards for purchasing apps, this option is for you. Your children may purchase apps by mistake, or someone can intentionally do this with your credit cards so you must activate this option. Go to the Settings> Require Authentication.

3. Update your play store yourself

As you know that Google play store updates the play store automatically and it doesn’t ask from you, but at some moments, you need to update Google play store yourself from the mobile especially when you reset your android phone.

4. Personalize automatic updates according to your will

We all know that the play store updates its app automatically, but we all can customize the way updates are going to happen. You can choose the option of whether you want the auto-update of apps on Wi-Fi or on the data or you don’t need any updates at all. You can also stop the notifications of apps update option if you don’t want.

How do I download the play store?

You will already find the android store on your phone if it is an android device. You don’t need to download it. You can download any application by using the play store. 

Go to the play store app

1. Go to the application centre

2. Click on the Google play store

3. The application will open automatically, and you can search and download your desired applications.

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