How to Write the Most Eye-Catching Press Release Headlines?

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Headlines are the most crucial part of any kind of writing. They should be eye-catching and should provoke a reader to continue reading the document or article which they are currently looking at. When it comes to press releases, a similar kind of rule applies. This means that without an eye-catching headline there is little to no chance that a press release will even be considered by a journalist. This is because investors and media personalities receive hundreds of different press releases regularly and only the ones with the best and unique headlines are likely to read by them. The purpose of this article to discuss the writing of the most eye-catching press release headlines.

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Active Voice

This sounds like a very basic sort of advice. But it is a very useful one. Always use active voice. Passive voice does not sound interesting in the head and there is a chance that the reader will lose their interest immediately. The CTA factor is removed through the use of active voice within the headline. Avoid sentence structures around “be” in the title of your press release or lose the interest of the audience instantly.

Use Simple Words

As tempting as it may sound to use complicated and technical jargon in the headline of a press release, it is strictly advised NOT to use them. Not only do they reek of a higher sense of knowledge in a person but they make anyone lose their interest instantly. Nobody wants to read complicated things which require undivided attention, especially journalists as they have a very limited amount of time on their hands already.  

Punctuate Your Headline

As boring as this may sound, using proper punctuation marks can improve your professionalism in the eyes of the journalists. Instead of dismissing your work as that of a beginner (in the presence of a punctuation mistake) journalists and investors will consider you a serious organization and get genuinely interested in the rest of the article. It is human nature to assume that if one thing is incorrect and wrong then the rest of the thing associated with it will also be incorrect.

Be Straightforward

When writing the headline of a press release, it is important to be extremely straightforward. Do not beat about the bush in the title. Be very clear about the content of the press release through the title making it clear what the press release is all about. There is nothing more infuriating for a journalist as compared to a misleading title of a press release.

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Write Headline Last

When writing a press release, it is best to come up with the press release in the last. This is because by then the flow of the press release is clear and a title can be written without any hindrances. It is almost impossible to pick the perfect headline before the press release content is completely written as the whole picture of the press release is still unclear.

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