Try Facebook Lite to Save Much Internet Quota

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the whole parts of the world. Since the very first time of the launching, the social media has been interested for most people to try and making their social activities on the internet. As the running of the time, Facebook is increasingly popular and used by many more people. Even though there are many kinds of other new social media launched, it doesn’t make the users leave Facebook. It still has the great popularity until nowadays.

One of the keys of Facebook reaching their everlasting success is their works for always update the social media, the features as well as the security of every user. Facebook developer also cares about the comfort of the users and how the users can save their internet quota while enjoying the social media access.

Because of Facebook has become like an essential part of life, you certainly can’t pass a day without access the social media. That is why it is always available on Smartphone and accessible everywhere and every time. Most users love checking updates on Facebook, viewing their friends’ pictures, sharing information and new updated pictures, playing games, chatting and even learn many things from information shared by other people.

Facebook Lite to Appreciate the Users

For so much time spent to access Facebook, the developer appreciates it and then launch Facebook Lite. It is a faster Facebook application that make easier the updates checking although the internet connection is unreliable or slow. With this lite app, you don’t need much time to load the timeline in full page. The application is a free app to download. At the first time of the launching, it was specially developed for the users that access Facebook with poor internet connectivity speed.

It is another Facebook app version that is stripped down without lowering every functionality of the application. At the beginning, it was the social media’s complement, yet it has become an independent app today. The existence of the lite app is welcome by most people in the world now, because the users can always enjoy accessing Facebook without any concern to too much internet quota consumption.

How Facebook Lite Works?

  • The lite version of Facebook still can make you access the timeline fully. For the pictures and other heavy features, Facebook presents them in low resolution. So it will not eat the bandwidth up for those who are still using 2G connection. When you are interested to some pictures or something else, you also can see the full resolution by simply clicking the pictures to see the original look.
  • If you click an article or a link shared on Facebook, you still can open it. It means that you only see the things that you really want and matter to you on this lite version of Facebook.

How to Get Facebook Lite App

You can download the lite Facebook through app stores including Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes. Whether you use a smartphone of Android or Apple operating system, you can install and then use the lite media social app. If you are in a country that hasn’t supported the lite version of Facebook, you can use one idea to install the app into your smartphone. Just use the apk version and then you can enjoy the lite Facebook like many people in all over the world. So, find the apk application of lite version of Facebook. Then access the social media and enjoy everything inside it without any worry feeling of low internet connection or the social media accessing that dry out your internet quota.

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