8 Tips to Remember While Creating Your Video Blog

8 Tips to Remember While Creating Your Video Blog

As the terminology goes, our Gen Z is more inclined to professions and hobbies that give their adrenaline a rush! “Normal is Boring” perhaps they would like to define it that way. Instead of blindly following the footsteps the earlier generation they like to create their own path. As a result, they have come up with a variety of new creative ideas which have evolved from being a mere hobby and have been introduced as a profession.

Video blogging, popularly known as “vlogging”, is one such instance.

From providing reviews about food, clothing, places to different tutorials (preparing food, make-up tutorials, even online tutoring), they have got a perfect platform to showcase their talent, special interests and uniqueness.

If you too have some fresh ideas to start video blogging hop in for some useful advice. Here are 8 tips you must remember while creating your video blog:

  1. Choose your content wisely: While creating blogs of any kind engaging your audience is very important so while selecting the subject you must do some research on the topic, content should be appropriate for the target audience (age & otherwise).
  1. Go for quality nor quantity: Dragging the points or over-explaining may not serve your purpose. Be specific about your topic of discussion, avoid making lengthy vlogs.
  1. Maintain consistency: To keep your viewers happy, be consistent. If not regularly try to come up with fresh content at least two times a week.
  1. Bring variation: Considering that there are many in this field try to introduce variety and unique strategies to keep your viewers attracted and engaged. Like the saying goes “Old wine in a new Bottle”.
  1. Video recording on PC: It is advisable to record video on PC while making a vlog. It is more convenient whether you host your video yourself or you avail the free video publishing hosts, videos recorded on PC is always better than the phone ones.
  1. Be presentable: As your presence makes a lasting impression, looking presentable and choosing your background wisely is recommended whether it is a tutorial, personal vlog or live streaming.
  1. Follow a pattern: Before jumping to the specific points of discussion, be prepared with a good intro, greet your audience and be humble and polite. Finish your vlog with a positive note to leave an everlasting effect on their minds.
  1. Fluency: Especially in a live stream where there is direct interaction with your viewers be confident, plan ahead, prepare well and deliver better. Choose a medium of instruction over which you have a good command.

Other than being sources of entertainment these platforms are a great place for public awareness. You can inspire the mass through your videos and in many cases, these can be used for educating the people about various objects. Connect to your viewers and increase the numbers of fans, followers, and subscribers and don’t forget to do self-publicity. Tell your audience to like, comment, share and subscribe.

So just get going; all the Best!

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