How to Use APKBucket to Download APKs from Google Play to PC

Google Play, formerly called Android Market, is the official and largest repository of free and premium apps and games for Android devices. All Android phones and tablets are pre-packaged with the official Google Play app and users can use the app to directly install stuff from the official market. But in some cases, either Google Play Store app doesn’t come with the phone or the tablet or it stops working later due to any misconfiguration etc. In such a scenario, the only option left behind is to download APKs of apps and games to install them manually. Luckily there are a lot of tools and unofficial Android app stores on the web among which APKBucket is one I came across recently.

How to install apps with APKs:  To install apps and games with APK files, users need to allow the installation of apps from third-party sources in the security settings of the device. Once that option is enabled, APK file(s) can be downloaded to the device to install the target app manually.

How to use APKBucket’s APK Downloader: APKBucket offers an online APK downloader tool where original APK files can be downloaded. User needs to provide either the Google Play URL of the app or the package ID and the tool then downloads the APK from the Google Play Store directly. All free apps and games that exist on Google Play Store can be downloaded using this free online tool.

As of now, only APK files can be downloaded and the game data (OBB) files cannot be downloaded using this tool. An Android app is also there which can be installed on Android phones and tablets to make the task further simpler.

Remember that APKBucket delivers the original APK files that’s why we are recommending it as a solid option to download APKs of apps and games. Generally, most other online APK downloading tools distribute infected files or they inject the apps with their custom ads. At APKBucket, all files are clean and original and you can verify it using any hashing mechanisms just in case you have still doubts.

How does it work: When you enter the package ID of the app, the tool queries Google servers for the app using its server-side client. If the app is available on Google Play Store and is free, then the APK file is obtained from the official servers of Android Market and then served to the end user using the servers of APKBucket.

Can’t install apps? If installation of your downloaded APKs fails, then you have to check the security settings of your Android phone or the tablet to ensure that you have allowed installation of apps from third-party services. Unless you will check that option, the inbuilt security of the Android OS will not let you install the apps and this restriction is applied by the OS for the sake of security.

Another rare possibility is also there which may result in the installation failure. APKBucket’s tool currently offers a common APK file for all Android versions. If any app or game comes with multiple APK files for different OS versions, then the tool may download an incompatible APK for your device. Although this should be a rare chance, still if you face any issues, you can contact APKBucket support in order to get issues resolved.

About APK Files: APK files obtained using this tool are 100% original and clean. If you are still doubtful about the security, then use the MD5 hash checksums to compare them with the original ones and that will eliminate all kind of doubts from your mind.

So if your Android device doesn’t support Google Play Store by default then go ahead and use the APKBucket’s tool to download apps and games of your choice in APK format.

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