How to Merging Photos Using Photo Stitching Software


Free Paint on Windows, Photoshop, and Previews on Mac can be used to combine images, but they are not the best, especially for a thousand copies. Photo Stitcher is readily available and can merge photos for you. Vertexshare has a neat photo stitching software that allows you to combine a variety of images as well as a panorama with a single click.

Photo Stitcher is quick and easy to use. It can merge photos automatically both vertically and horizontally. Still, it gives advanced features with the editing tools useful to modify images. These professional tools also help you to add all types of annotations that you require in your pictures and merge them automatically. This method does not require any learning curve or even skills in photography.

Importance of Using Photo Stitcher to Merge Photos


To install the photo stitcher application, you require a few MBs. When the tool is installed, it does not go beyond 80MB. Everything of its functionality is neatly compressed to save your space.The program runs smoothly on any machine without causing any delays. Another good thing with this application is that, when the application is closed, it does not continue running in the background.

Efficiency and versatile

Photo stitcher is very efficient and does not distinguish between different kinds of images, and therefore it processes all of them at the same speed. The switch between vertical and horizontal alignment is done at the same time when you click, and the Ultra HD 8K images become stitched together automatically.

Self-effacing and secure

The algorithms used to run the application function comfortably from your desktop, and it ensures that all files are uploaded to the website. Again, photo stitcher can work even without necessarily using the internet connection. In addition to that, it is 100% ad-free. Therefore, you don’t have to subscribe to your prompts.


A Photo Stitcher is an application of Win/Mac produced from Vertexshare. It was created for the use of combining photos automatically and making panorama pictures. It gives much support to both Win and Mac versions. It is the best in merging photos.

Steps in Using Photo Stitcher to Merge Photos

Photo Stitcher merges multiple images into a single photo within a short while. The look of the merged pictures can only be limited by your creativity. The program focuses on its primary function and comes with a plethora of unique image editing tools that help to make the final results to be more appealing. The photos can be relatively different from others depending on your choice since the user interface becomes your playground. All of the features in the program are easy to master immediately you begin to use them irrespective of your experience in photo editing. The steps to follow in using a photo stitching software are below:

The first step is downloading the application from the web, installing, and opening it. Secondly, click on the button of “Add’ or drag and drop the photos to a designated place. The third step is making appropriate edits by use of the undermentioned tools;

Edit (1) – it permits you to alter the order of the pictures by drag and drop.

Pick Direction (2) – choose whether you want vertical or horizontal photos.

Stitching (3) – do the modification of the size ratio of the pictures via three variations.

Spacing (4) – add borders inside or outside the photos to modify their color.

Editing tools (5) – include some essential drawing tools.

Mosaic (6) – pixelate the chosen space of the picture in colors (blue, red, white, or transparent color).

Watermark (7) – this adds irremovable caption of the image and can modify space, size, opacity, or text color.

The last step is clicking the “Export” button (from menu strip) and saving it to the desired location.

Alternative Method

Spot two images in your gadget, select location, click OK button (at the bottom), and other settings will install by default.

For three photos, connect two pictures into one and download then combine it with the third image, and you will have other processed photos exclusive of the original image.


If you want to merge photos, a photo stitch works without any disappointment. It does clean and effortless job. It’s an ambitious tool that functions with multiple distinct customization possibilities. Use photo stitching to merge photos and be sure of no regrets.

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