Best Password Manager to Ensure Your Online Security

Having the Best Password Manager in this day and age is not only necessary, but also important. We are living in an era where cyber crime is prevalent. It seems like there is not a day goes by without news about certain websites or accounts being hacked. Despite the imminent threat, majority of people still think they cannot be affected.

Cyber attack comes in many form. The ones we hear on the news are only a small part of it. It makes into the news due to its incredibly large scale of businesses or people affected. However, every day this type of attack happens to everyone. You may wonder who would possibly hack your account and why would they do it. But truth of the matter is no one is truly safe as it can happen to anyone.

To eliminate concern, you may start by making sure your accounts have strong passwords. As one of the most important parts of security measure, passwords act as a barrier when used to log in. Its importance goes far beyond a barrier, however. Passwords are also capable of protecting your personal documents, and sensitive information from a myriad of cyber attacks.

Password strength and common issues

As a line of defense, passwords can also be used to protect your account from many forms of cyber intrusion. Unfortunately, such adequate protection is only effective when your password is strong. When your password is deemed too weak, you risk the security of your account. This is the primary reason why strong password should be at the top of your list.

The strength of your password is determined by its effectiveness in resisting others’ password-guessing attempt. Whether it be by manual guessing, or by using a particular software intended to crack possible password combination. From random password guessing generator, to elaborate keylogging malware program. The existence of said software perhaps come off as a surprise to many people.

With these threats to our privacy, it’s important that we take proper approach to ramp up our security measure. The only way to do it is by changing our password and making sure it’s hard to guess or crack. But how do we do that? Essentially, the more characters your password has, the better. Characters used must also be a combination of letters, numbers, capitalizations, and punctuation.

Although it may seem simple, in reality this task can be incredibly challenging. As important as a strong password is, it’s no use when you cannot memorize it. This is also the reason why many people end up using the same password for every account they have. So how do we come up with a password that fits our personal preference without compromising its strength?

LogMeOnce as the solution to online security issues

You either can try every desired password combination and manually test it, or you can be smart about it. By using Log Me Once, you won’t only end up with strong passwords for your account, but also full protection. Gone are the headache of having to create a lot of different passwords for each of your accounts. While the concept is right, in reality is not feasible nor is it efficient.

No one can remember a lot of different and complicated passwords, let alone to create it. Writing them down will definitely beat the purpose of having secure passwords. With these issues, the launch of ‘Log Me Once’ is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air. ‘Log Me Once’ offers a plethora of impressive features to cater to our every need.

‘Log Me Once’ aims to improve the security of your accounts, while at the same time increase your productivity. Thanks to its 2-factor authentication, the security of your accounts is guaranteed. Not only that, it also comes with incredible features to support your security as the following:

· Password strength tracker with scorecard.

· Auto password changer with high-tech generator.

· Secure wallet, password share, and notes.

As if those are not impressive enough, ‘Log Me Once’ also provides you with convenience with the following features:

· Easy-to-use interface for Android and iOS

· Auto-synchronization and higher accessibility across all of your devices

· Secure web access and password management

· Modern fingerprinting and photo-login feature

· Auto form filler with real-time activity reports

Those are only a few examples of what ‘Log Me Once’ has to offer. There are still more sophisticated features that ensure your security. Some of which are geolocation metadata, live password tracker, and many more! The unique combination of its excellent password management service and impressive features makes ‘Log Me Once’ the best in the industry. Those who wonder about how secure is my password are highly recommended to use this service.

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