9 Tips for Choosing a Self Storage Facility

They say that the state of your resting place translates to your state of mind, and vice versa. You may think it ridiculous, but it actually makes sense. An organized and spotless place gives peace to your mind to think about the more important things. However, you would not want to get rid of things with sentimental value or seasonal things. That’s when self-storage facilities come to your rescue. Say hello to a decluttered home without saying goodbye to the good stuff. Here’s how you can start selecting the perfect storage facility for your needs:

  1. It must be appropriate for the contents and of adequate size. Different items will have different requirements. Storing documents would have different requirements from storing other things such as boats, antique furniture, or musical instruments. Also, make sure there’s enough space for the things you want to store. Leave some space for movement or future storage as well.
  2. It must be clean and well-maintained. This gives you an idea on the status of your things in the long run.
  3. It must be well-lighted. This means you don’t have to bring your own lamp or flashlight every time.
  4. Check for climate-control features. Of course, this may come at additional fees so assess very carefully if you will really need this feature.
  5. Study the location. You don’t have to settle for the nearest facilities, as long as the basic necessities are met, and it is accessible enough, go for it.
  6. It must be secure and safe. Check presence of surveillance systems, gates, personal guards, and other security features of the facility.
  7. Check payment policies. Inquire about payment methods, monthly fees, late payment fees, and other fees that may be charged.
  8. Learn gate hours and office hours. Gate hours are the timeframe for you to access your storage unit. Office hours are availability of personnel for requests and complaints. Know both.
  9. Check with your insurance. Find out if the things to be placed in the storage facility are covered. It is better to clarify now than learn later that they will not be covered by insurance.

When you start searching for storage units near me, check this helpful guide to determine the right size for you based on the contents and space requirement.


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