Reasons Why Ebook Sales Are Declining

A few years ago, the ebook revolution was launched. Several readers took the plunge and had the Kindle app downloaded and installed on their iphones. Many readers could now buy and read ebooks from anywhere. Ebook sales shot to the roof as a result. However, recent statistics show that there has been a drop in the sales of the ebook. On the other hand, sales of physical books are rising. What could be the reason behind this decline?

It’s easy to Share Physical Books

One of the main reasons why most readers are now returning to print books is that they promote sharing. Readers can easily borrow print books, unlike ebooks that you have to buy. People who buy ebooks also hoard ebooks selfishly on their devices.

Physical Books Can Make More Meaningful Gifts

You will agree that some of the most meaningful gifts that you have ever received are books. If someone has ever given you a book as a gift, you will always remember that person.

Wide Variety of Fonts in Print Books

Going through the pages of print books, you will be amazed at the incredible font varieties that print books offer. This is one of the most unique and defining features about print books. This is one of the reasons why most readers still prefer print books over ebooks. Some print books usually have unique fonts that were invented or modified for it.

It’s Easy to Scribble and Mark Up on Ebooks

When reading an interesting book, it is normal to have an aversion to writing or making notes on your book. You might want to underline some passages so you can refer back to them later. You can do anything that you please on the pages of your print book. With ebooks, however, the most you can do is highlight the passages using four different colors. You cannot scribble anything on your ebook.

Physical Books Smell Good

Apart from the crisp and firm feel of print books pages, readers also love to take a whiff of the book. Everybody likes to smell their books. The smell of books usually triggers random memories and associations that are very sensational.

Print Books Last Longer than Ebooks

With physical books, you can have it for a long time. This is why when you go to the libraries, you can still find copies of books that are decades old. What about ebooks? In theory, ebooks should be able to last longer than print books. In reality, that’s not the case. This is because hardware and operating systems continue to be upgraded every day.  You might think that the device makers and the software makers don’t want us to have our ebooks for long or pass it on to others.

Great Designs

Print books usually look more beautiful than ebooks. Sometimes digital can be boring and bland. Print books have better typography than ebooks.

Free Ebooks

Another reason why the sales of ebooks are declining is that readers can get the ebooks for free. That’s not all, the reader is also not limited to reading their ebooks on specific ebook readers. Nowadays, people can enjoy their ebooks almost on any device, from tablets to smartphones to their computers. So why would anyone buy an ebook when they know they can get it for free? Furthermore, there are claims that authors get little revenue from the sales of their books in digital form. It’s the ebook sellers that benefit.


If you are a fan of print, then you have a reason to smile because print books are coming back. However, if buying a print book is quite expensive for you, then you can read ebooks. Free ebooks for that matter. Downloading free ebooks is very easy. Your favorite book is just a click away, whether it is that cookbook you have always wanted to read or that novel that everyone is talking about.

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