Your ultimate guide to press release distribution

For a developing business, media coverage is essential. But the downside to media coverage is that it doesn’t come automatically, hard work is required for gaining media coverage. The solution to this downside comes in the form of press release distribution services. 

A press release plays a vital role in growing brand awareness of businesses and helps businesses in public relations (PR). The purpose of a press release becomes pointless if nobody views it. A press release always requires a well-thought distribution strategy that would help it in reaching the target audience. Press release distribution services were specifically designed for gaining media coverage. The distribution service performs all of the necessary tasks of reaching journalists and news media outlets, which otherwise business owners would have to undertake.

For learning how to craft and launch a proper press release, the following section has been put together.

What is press release distribution?

It is essential to know what a press release distribution is before going any further into the topic. A press release distribution is a process of circulating a press release to news publishers and news media outlets.

These press release distribution services help businesses by taking their press releases and presenting it in front of renowned news publishers and media outlets. It helps with increasing brand awareness for these businesses. Most importantly, it provides small businesses with the opportunity to obtain media coverage from esteemed news media outlets.

Advantages of the press release distribution 

Improves SEO

SEO is crucial for modern-day businesses. With a well put marketing strategy that focuses specifically on SEO, companies can generate traffic on their sites without any hassle. A press release distribution service can give business coverage in huge publications. If the publication adds in the link of the owner’s business, then there is a huge chance of increasing the business’s search engine visibility. 

Increases local foot traffic of a business

If the business publishing a press release is a small-time garments store, the press release will assist the business in driving the customers into the store. 

A business can check how effective their press release distribution was by calculating the foot traffic of the store after publishing the press release.

How to distribute a press release?

Find relevant journalists

While distributing press releases, business owners always get tempted to send it loads and load of news publishers. This tactic is a misuse of time as not every journalist out there is interested in the business owner’s press release because the press release is not relevant to what they publish. Business owners should always look for news publishers that are relevant to their businesses. A journalist who publishes about the field pertinent to the owner’s business is always more likely to publish the business owner’s press release. The business owners should also always keep an eye on the contact details of the news publishers that publish their press releases. These news publishers can be easily approached in the future for publication.

Craft distribution worthy pitch

Daily journalists receive hundreds of press releases, through the mail. As business owners, the priority should be placed on crafting a press release that is brief, short, and tempting enough to stand out even in hundreds of emails. A well put subject line can give the press release the added edge required to trump the press releases.

Choose an appropriate time. 

After crafting the perfect press release, another essential step must be taken into consideration; that step is selecting the accurate time for distributing the press release. The day and time of launching the release hold the key to its distribution. Through researching over 100,000 press releases, it was found that Tuesday and Wednesday were the two best days of sending in a press release. Similarly, the time of the day should also be taken into account when submitting a press release. A study found that around 61% of the journalists gave preference to receiving press releases in the morning. 

Mistakes to avoid

While creating a press release, business owners tend to make a few common mistakes. Typically, the press releases formed by business owners are too long and contain points that stray away from the main topic, giving it an unnecessarily long reading time. Another frequent error made by business owners is targeting the news publishers and media outlets that are not relevant to the press release’s brand/product. This could result in a significant loss of time and sources. Finally, skipping out the business’s contact information is also a common error done by business owners. This mistake leads to wasted efforts because even if the press release gets published, it’s of no use to the business owners if the audience can’t contact them.

Should press release distribution service be used?

The distribution process of a press release sounds to be quite tiresome. Fortunately, press release distribution services exist in this world. With the help of the best press release distribution service, businesses can efficiently distribute their press releases and attain publication in news media outlets without much work. The price of distribution services might seem off-putting, but one should remember that time is money in the fast-paced world of today.

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