15 Amazing Tech Innovations You May See In your Future Smartphone

Technology is constantly advancing, and people usually feel like there’s no upper limit of tech advancement. This is a completely natural way of thinking because, as it seems right now, there’s no stopping. We, as a species, have decided to shoot for the stars in every possible technological aspect. Personal Computers are becoming much more powerful, cars are turning electric, space boosters are now able to land back on Earth… And smartphones are becoming portable and powerful computers with many different features. Even now, smartphones have many features that are extremely useful and helpful. But we’re here to talk about the future, so here are 15 amazing tech innovations that you may see in future smartphones.


Dual Recording

Dual recording exists as a possibility in a few phones of today (such as the Samsung Galaxy S4). The dual recording means that you’re able to record a video through your front and back camera at the same time. It will possibly start appearing much more often in phones in the future.


Flexible Screens

People have been speaking about flexible screens for a long time. It seems that there exists a general need for this, even though current smartphones are completely fine the way they are. The reasoning with this is quite possibly that phones with flexible screens are more resistant to damage.


Cameras With Depth-Sensing Capabilities

This type of innovation in smartphones will potentially be able to change many things. For starters, it will be possible for users to scan their environment in 3D. After this, various uses could exist such as games that utilize augmented reality and 3D scanning.


Contextual Intelligence

Smartphones are ‘smart’ as is, but they aren’t too smart. The future could bring changes to phone intelligence in a way that the phone will be able to make certain decisions on your behalf. It will know how to do this through the use of sensors that gather data from your surroundings.


Augmented Reality

We mentioned augmented reality, so it’s only fair that we explain what it is. Augmented reality will bring the possibility to point your phone’s camera in a certain direction and get various information (such as cafe locations, restaurants, etc.). Augmented reality games already exist, albeit not quite popular (with the exception of Pokémon GO which can be viewed as an AR game).


In-built Projector

In-built projectors have actually been around for some time, but only in specific cases. The future might quite possibly bring the option of using your phone as an inbuilt projector. Currently, this kind of option drains the battery of a phone like crazy, but future innovations could change this.


Holograms & 3D screens

If you watched Star Wars and were amazed by the holograms, then the future is looking particularly intriguing for you! Holograms could change the way we make calls and interact with people. 3D screens are also a possibility, albeit they are a few years away from being tested and designed correctly.


Thinner Phones

Phones have been getting thinner and bigger over the years, so we’re expecting this trend to continue. On the other hand, phones may get very thin and even very small! Imagine having a phone that’s as thin as paper and the size of a finger. If phones get smaller, they’d have to project 3D screens, which we discussed above.


Strong Screens

Gorilla Glass is an amazing addition to regular phone screens due to its capability of protecting the screen from various dangerous objects and damage. However, technology can bring even stronger screens on the table. There will be screens that can protect from almost all types of damage such as fire, hard impact, blunt force, etc.


Incredibly strong phones

Nowadays, if you drop your smartphone from a high point, it’s most likely going to break. However, the future, according to some specialists, will bring us near-unbreakable phones. These phones will be resistant to all kinds of damage, and they might not even get a scratch from falling from an incredible height.


Wireless Charging

Wireless charging already exists, but it’s not as refined as it could be. Nonetheless, some people are enjoying the prospect of charging their phones without a cable. And it’s a good idea because the technology of transporting something through electromagnetic induction is still young, which means that advancements in phone design that will contain this will inevitably improve the entire concept of electromagnetic induction.


Longer Battery Life

If you ask all the people in the world what function do they want to be improved in their smartphones, more than half will say ‘’battery life’’. Currently, batteries last from a few hours to potentially an entire day (if you’re not using your phone all the time). However, batteries are only getting better, so it’s obvious that future phones will have longer battery life.



Remember when infrared was the only way to transport information such as pictures and songs between phones? Well, it might be making a comeback but not for the same function as before. We might be looking at phones that use infrared to make themselves have similar functions as a remote control. This is great news for people who constantly lose their remote controls; just be careful not to lose your phone the same way!


Credit Card Readers

Gadgets that serve this purpose are already out there and can be purchased, however, due to certain complications that gadgets cause, this practice could soon change. Certain phone models could end up having credit card readers who would enable merchants and specific businesses to save money while speeding up the entire process of charging credit cards.


Microscope Cameras

The future might bring us smartphones with cameras that have the option of being switched to microscope mode. This would enable the user to use the camera as a microscope! Finally, you’ll be able to watch that miniature world you always desired to see but couldn’t get a high-quality microscope.


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