Why You Need to Change Your Event Production Company

Complacency may be the worst attitude to be in when catching up with the world’s hottest trends.

If you are in charge of your company’s meetings and events you could be in charge of a lot of important decisions. The event and production company that you have been going to for the last few years have been doing a consistently passable job. They never mess up your scheduling plans, they provide what you ask for, and you have little qualms about their service. Everybody seems on board with everything and you barely hear your attendees complaining about anything. And the best part of it is they do not charge you to the bone.

And because of all the reasons listed above, you really ought to change your event and production company. That may surprise you but there are you reasons why in conducting these events, it will never be good enough. This article will try to list all the reasons why you should never go complacent.

Your audience is changing and so should you

It is high time you catch up with the flow and start considering the kind of people that do go to your events. Motivation is key in today’s social media age where the generation of event goers are more likely to look for instagrammable moments than anything else.

It is vital for each company to keep with the changing times and this means learning about the audiences that they seek. As mentioned earlier, social media has changed the ball game and to draw interest from crowds it is of utmost importance to allow them an outlet for something this generation considers as essential. And in a marketing point of view, this even allows you an extra mileage in terms of exposure as if letting your event goers do half the job for you.

The key differentiating factor for each demographic should be taken into account depending on the event that you are holding. The most common ones are gender, nationality and geographical location. Gender specific events call for gender targeted production planning. This may include key items to highlight the event as it leans towards a specific gender. For instance, holding an event for a breast cancer awareness campaign is often an event that is guested by a lot of women. Thus, it might be right to tone down the sexist remarks and hire gender inclusive performances.

Another big factor is the age of your audience which could either make or break the event in question. Because of how fast times are changing and how quickly trends fades and gains, it becomes more difficult to stay at one place when doing something that would pique each and everyone’s interest. The latest hashtag the shook the twitterverse a week ago could be passé the moment the event starts. In cases, where the audience is a bit more venerable and accepting of the older fads, your job becomes easier as the organizer, but keep in mind that each one of these audiences may fail to jive with the times and thus keep surprises to a minimum.

Novelty is knock out

There was a time when trying something new is seen as bold and inspired but that time is now long gone. To try something that has not yet been done before is no longer an icing on the cake but the flour which constitutes the batter. You have to keep doing new things to and keep the audience guessing. Gone are the times where a routine event that everyone has seen will be deemed acceptable, and a few gags and laughs along the way is enough to save the entire performance. You have to excite the people especially the younger minds and keep them on their toes as you try to deliver the message your event is trying to convey.

There are a few factors that you should lookout for toe ensure maximum audience focus throughout the event. First of all, take a careful look at the room layout. A dry auditorium hall may be considered a classic, and sure you could never go wrong with that, but think outside the box, or outside the box building if you will. Try imagining holding events at pool parties, or at grass parks. The venue of the event, is afterall, half of the event.

Meeting format is probably the one you could and should try to revise as much as you can. If it starts with an opening remark, and ends with a closing remark, then your audience might feel like they are being transported back to grade school monday assembly. Start with a bang, and end it with a louder bang. The first impression is meant to keep them interested until the end of the show. While closing it with fireworks, is meant to keep them talking about what just hit them for weeks on out.

The overall impact of the event will be difficult to judge as you start to plan your event with your event and production companies partner. It may all come down to knowing exactly who your audience are and experiencing the event yourself. In this regard, try to ask your partner if the company can let you join one of their open house events meant for a prior client and see if the partner is right for you. As with event production, and most aspects in life, it truly is better to be safe than sorry.

Let Technology Takeover

As tough as it may seem to satisfy tech savvy audiences that have been spoiled with all the theatrics the modern times has provided, you should try to use the exact same advancement to your advantage. Social media is not going to go away soon enough. If you want your event to trend and capture the onlookers’ digital eyes, you have to be social-media ready. This means allowing your event goers to directly influence the event and every port of communication that it has with the outside world.

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