CMMS – What it is and How it Works

Maintenance at a manufacturing facility can be a task that requires adequate planning. Manual maintenance schedules can prove a little tougher. The introduction of computers and their assistance in the management of Maintenance has been quite relieving. Lending a helping hand in improving the efficiency, CMMS has been the in thing these days.

What is CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management Software. It is the computer software that has been designed for the proper upkeep of the maintenance program in any facility, be it a manufacturing unit, or a fleet.

The CMMS can be defined as a software tool that lets you track the assets of your organization, schedule their maintenance, monitor progress and track the compliances. It automates the process of maintenance management and thus can be a real time saver in decision making.
Several vendors are providing CMMS Software tools that offer a world class Maintenance Management Software tools.

How does it work?

Managing maintenance and tracking their schedule is one of the main tasks involved in a CMMS tool. It will look into the status of the maintenance schedule. It offers complete work schedule, inventory reports and access to hundreds of reports. A CMMS tool enhances the power enjoyed by the maintenance managers by letting them have access to a consolidated and complete information so that the decisions they take are well informed and true to the ground level situation.
It also aids you in the proper training of the employees. A computerized management lets you pinpoint which workers need additional training. If you are experiencing lags in productivity during certain hours of the day, computerized tracking ensures that the exact issues can be found out and rectified.
One of the best ways that a CMMS tool helps you in is the proper auditing performance and compliance with statutory regulations. Instead of a huge unnecessary paperwork, a computerized system can help you run demonstrative regulatory compliance. This will help you comply with the standards in real time and let you avoid the penalties which may result from a wrong report.
Here is how it helps you in having a better maintenance schedule and management –
Managing Assets – CMMS lets you have a clear record of all the assets you have – be it the machines, workforce, vehicles and other assets – and thus you can have complete control over them from a central database.
Maintenance Schedule – You have detailed reports about maintenance requests, work orders, and their completion. You can also check the compliance with guidelines.
Compliance Schedule – CMMS ensures that the contractors who have received the work orders have the necessary insurance and certification. This would be helpful in steering clear of the compliance issues later on. The proper checks help you avoid safety risks involved in getting the maintenance work being done by non compliant contractors.

The Final Thoughts

CMMS lets you witness a perfect amalgamation of both human elements and the technology. As we know, there are a few tasks that are best-handled humans, and there are some by technology. CMMS will help you reduce downtime and improve the profitability. Do use a handy CMMS tool for your organization and reap the benefits of better maintenance management.

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