Best Way to Overcome Heating Problem in Asus Zenfone 2

Currently there are some Asus Zenfone 2 smartphone users have complained that the smartphone is fast heat, battery wasteful, and various other problems. Asus Zenfone 2 has 2GB of RAM as its performance is slower than the 4 GB RAM. If used for multitasking, then the difference will be significant because RAM capacity is also different. Actually there are several factors that make this smartphone a fast heat, ranging from excessive wear to improper care. There are several ways to overcome heating problem on Asus Zenfone 2.

Smartphone Applications

Applications that are already installed on the smartphone can become factors that cause heating problem on Asus Zenfone 2. We recommend that you install an application that is all you need. Do not install unnecessary applications in your smartphone. Applications that are not useful only reduce the capacity of the internal memory. The app also makes the battery becomes wasteful because some applications continue to be active and cannot be closed. Applications continue to run in the background of your smartphone. There are many examples of unnecessary applications, for example applications relating to the battery to check the battery health, shows the percentage of battery consumption, and other applications. The application is actually not at all helpful and even simply overloads your battery performance. Do not forget to close the application after you do not wear it. Applications that are not closed will aggravate the performance of our smartphone. If we use a smartphone with a large RAM capacity, then the application is not closed does not become a problem. But if you have a smartphone with limited RAM capacity, the smartphone you can run more slowly and the battery to be extravagant. Use menu exit or close when you want to close the application. Do not close the application with the home button, because the home button is used to close open applications. The button is only used to minimize the application and the application continues to run.

Turn Off Your Smartphone

Smartphone you also need a break. You can turn off the smartphone when the night, so that all of the hardware to work optimally on the next day. Clear all the applications in the list of recent apps before the smartphone is turned off. Alternatively, you can use the wifi. If using wifi, you can be more efficient battery and the device does not heat faster. Currently, there are many portable wifi on the market so that you can save internet quota.

ASUS Mobile Manager Feature

Actually these features are the most appropriate way to overcome heating problem on Asus Zenfone 2. You can use the official feature of the Auto-start Manager. This feature allows the user to set the auto-start of applications that we download it manually so as not to make the device performance unencumbered. As we discussed earlier, that there are some applications that cannot be closed and is still running in the background of your smartphone without we run. It can make your Smartphone’s performance declined. Battery life will also decrease and the temperature of the device increases. So this feature serves to prevent the application does not run itself. How to use this feature is very easy. You can go into the settings and choose deny, which means the application will not be active if we do not run the application and selection, which means allow the application to be active constantly. You can choose to allow critical applications. If you choose to deny whatsapp application, it does not take any notice of the application on the smartphone until you unlock it. If all the above tips you have to run, but the smartphone you keep experiencing the same problem, then you can update the system because it could be the system you are still using the old system.

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