What are the opportunities and risks in today’s media availability?

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Nowadays, comfort and speed are an important asset for many people. Especially with regard to requirements and availability in the multimedia sector. Whether big or small – many people watch films from Amazon Prime or Netflix on their tablets or mobile phones. This allows users to put together their own personal programme and at the same time has permanent availability of films, sporting events, series and much more. Similarly, an increase in the number of channels and offers from private as well as public channels cannot be overlooked, which ultimately also results in  an increased demand. This applies especially to the independent use of time by different media and stations, such as an individual video on demand solution for the end consumer. These offers and possibilities of event streams, sport streams or livestreams are a very big challenge for the stream providers. Because the provider must make a unrestricted use possible. Especially if it comes to a certain reduction in performance or even cancellations. This applies above all to companies in the media sector. Possible disruptions, such as an interruption or even a total failure, can cause considerable economic damage.

If, for example, the livestream from a pay-TV provider or a live event were to fail, this would make both, the potential media partner and the customer dissatisfied. This would affect the image as well as create economic damage. This is because customers who are dissatisfied often leave poor ratings in various forums and on social media platform. Web performance would suffer a lot as a result. In the same way, a possible support hotline would have a very high volume of angry customers. Such a case can even lead to the end of a company, as many customers would cancel their subscription early due to non-fulfilment of the contract.

Likewise it is very important for the consumer to pay attention to an optimal guarantee of the offered material. Particularly with regard to the remaining media supply, the interested party should pay attention to a very high level of expertise when making the appropriate selection. Many factors play an important role here. In addition to a classic stream on a computer, it should also be offered on other devices. The actual idea of streaming should above all enable the user to have absolutely unrestricted access from any location. Thus, in addition to a good offer, a complete functionality on mobile devices as well as streaming to different consoles are also part of the offer.

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