Tips to Consider While Looking for An Efficient Yet Affordable Long Distance Moving Company?

Moving into a new place is quite exciting, especially in another state or country or even on a different continent. The far away the new place is located, the more overwhelming it is. However, a growing fear and concern that comes with the process of relocating is moving your things as well. Moving your possessions over a long distance is a hassle, as well as a tedious chore. Then there is the anxiety of your possessions getting damaged and lost throughout the long journey.

Although these concerns are inevitable during the process of moving a long distance, hiring a competent long-distance moving company can ease some of these concerns. You must choose a reliable and efficient moving company who will consider all your requirements. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while hiring a moving company:

1) Experience

An easy way to check if you should trust a company with moving your possessions is to check their customer reviews. If you see a company getting bad customer reviews consistently or several particularly serious complaints such as damage or loss of possessions, it is best to avoid them. There will be some occasional complaints, which are understandable but look for moving companies that have a majority of good reviews and adequate safety ratings.

Contact a reliable mover who has had plenty of experience in moving furniture over a long distance and has suitable reviews to back that up. An easy way to look for reviews and testimonials are to visit their official website. Interstate moving is more complicated than simple local moving. It requires much more experience and efficiency. You must choose a mover that has trained staff who does not make those “early mistakes.” Companies have to be compliant with various federal and state rules and regulations.

Moreover, moving cargo across state lines need special license and paperwork which is not involved in local moves. There is much more risk involved while moving a long distance. Hence, experience is a key factor that you should consider while looking for a moving company.

2) Insurance and License

There are many times when cargo gets damaged or lost while shipping, which may or may not be the company’s fault. For times like these, a comprehensive Insurance policy comes to use. They should also have an option for additional insurance when you request a quote. If a company claims that it provides long-distance moving services, it must have suitable license and insurance policies to do so. For a moving company to legally carry on with their services, they need to have a proper federal license.

Do not hesitate to ask for copies of their insurance policies and license, especially if you have expensive cargo to take care of while moving. A company that fails to produce such papers or gives you excuses on why they cannot show you to them must be avoided at all costs.

3) Detailed Quote or Estimate

The cost of moving all your possessions from one state to another state or country will affect your choice of moving company. But you must decide based on how inclusive the cost estimate is, not how cheap. A verbal quote of the price holds no value in long-distance moving as it leaves plenty of room for the company to add in extra costs and charges, resulting in an expenditure that is much more than what was initially decided. Hence, it is crucial to ask for a written estimate from the company.

An experienced moving company will send over a person to get comprehensive information on your belongings and estimate a cost. Ensure that the estimate they send you is clear and transparent, with no room for additional and hidden charges. If you feel like that they are being secretive about the charges or just telling you a number without breaking down the expenses, get them off your list at once.

4) Advance Payments and other Red Flags

Companies usually take a certain amount of the expense in advance to avoid fraud and to serve you better. It is quite understandable if they ask for a portion of the total estimated cost. However, if they’re asking a bizarre amount of money, like more than half the whole cost or even full cost, you shouldn’t consider them. You might be a victim of a crude fraud and, trustworthy moving companies will keep your concerns in mind. They will not ask for a massive deposit before moving.

You must beware of potential scams that have outrageous claims and not enough evidence to prove it. These fraudulent companies will claim things like overnight delivery at a very low cost, which will attract naive customers. They usually insist that all conversations must be done on the phone and provide a very baseless and vague estimate. Moreover, these scams ask for all or most of the money in advance. Sometimes, the company might look legitimate, but they cannot produce proper license papers or have fake or paid reviews on their website. Thus, it is important to look for all these red flags while choosing a company for your long-distance moving.

If you have a list of companies that you think are legitimate and reliable, here are some steps that might help you in choosing the right one which is affordable and fits your requirements:

Step1: Get in touch with the companies and explain their transportation routes from the place you are currently residing and the place you will be moving into. 

Step 2: Request them for a scheduled visual survey in your home to get a clear idea of what they have to transport, their sizes, and the number of things. 

Step 3: Ask for a detailed estimate of the cost in writing. Once you have that from your top few options, choose the one that suits your budget. 

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