Want Printing to Be More Effective? Here Are Three Elements That You Need to Know

A lot of advertisers nowadays consider print ads as obsolete or a dying industry in a world run by digital technology. They would rather allocate a portion of their funds on television or online advertising as either one reaches more people at a faster rate.

But even if the print is a traditional kind of media, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick with what’s traditional when it comes to advertising your business and products.

Being successful in an advertising campaign means you have to innovate and think of more creative ways to get your brand noticed. And incorporating print ads into your campaign will give you just that.

As a matter of fact, a lot of big time companies like Nivea, Volkswagen, and Ford still implement promotional campaigns for their products by investing in print advertisements. Here are three elements of print ads that work for these companies and might just do the trick for other businesses, yours included.


Interactive ads bring more fun than plain ones

Print media has never been about restricting your ads to the limitations that a paper has. Using paper is not a drawback; this material can be an essential tool in making things a bit more fun and, say, interactive for your niche audience. As a matter of fact, several companies like Print Meister and many more advertising companies still loves paper in advertising.

One thing you can do to make your Print ad interactive is to add features that will grab your readers’ attention and make them interested enough to learn more about your product or business. It is a given that your ads should be attractive enough to get the readers to stop before moving ahead to the next thing they have to do.

Your print ads such as cheap business cards should have a compelling invitation line. It should carry information that is easy to understand, and people should be able to read it without difficulty and without losing the fun.

And if it is an ad that calls people to act and do something, it should be clear enough for readers to follow. Many people don’t want to spend too much time reading instructions, so as much as possible, make your interactive print ad easy and straightforward for a person to do.

If your ad becomes interactive only when using a mobile app, make sure it is compatible with both iOS and Android because not all your readers are using the same kinds of phone. This kind of interactive ads hits two birds with one stone – it promotes the app and it, of course, promotes your products or services.

Most of the print ads that ask for an app download usually ask readers to scan a particular image called the QR code. A Quick Response Code is a kind of matrix barcode that contains a set of information about a particular item to which it is affixed. In this case, the print ad includes the QR code, and the information it holds has something to do with your product or business, naturally.

You just have to make sure your ad doesn’t have too complicated instructions since having such will discourage your readers and prospective clients. The simpler and clearer the instructions, the better. But also keep in mind that the more interactive your ad is, the more likely it will have a lasting impression on consumers.


Add an Element of Humor and Fun

Another major factor that can make print ads work is if they have an element of humor and fun. Unlike what we previously mentioned, this feature doesn’t necessarily require the use of technology; witty will save your brand if you can make your clients laugh through your ads.

Now, this one pretty much works with the rather traditional print ads since humor particularly in wordplays is dependent on content and not necessarily on the materials used. And if humor worked before, then why wouldn’t it work now?

In fact, social media ads are the same; they may be moving pictures like gifs or videos, but plenty of these ads still have the same element of fun.

If you have a print ad and want to connect with people that are not of the millennial generation, turning it into something fun will work best. A significant number of individuals comprising the older generations are often busy people who prefer sticking to traditional media like newspapers and magazines.

Sometimes, what they want is just a break from all the hard work and read something light and fun.

Seeing something fun even if it is an ad will surely make the experience memorable for them, and they will likely remember your brand because of it. Thus, in a way you achieve the purpose of your campaign.


Connecting to people’s emotions is powerful

Another invaluable factor that will make a compelling print ad is the emotional connection. Print ads with this kind of intent are the best when it comes to retention.

This type of print ads makes people feel a sense of responsibility, which will get them to act towards a common goal. Examples of organizations that target emotions in their ads are PETA and WWF.

These groups are known for pushing the animal rights and welfare movement. They show the public the dire situation of animals in need and how people can be of help to save various endangered living creatures.

When these organizations appeal to readers’ emotions through their ads, they don’t necessarily ask for people’s pity. The appeal to emotions in these ads might just mean a call for change in people’s attitudes or perspectives.

You can also try to narrate a story or share one through an image. After all, a picture can speak a thousand words, and all you have to do is choose the right photo that can powerfully connect with your prospective customers. Pictures can make or break your intentions and goals, so just make sure to pick what’s rightly conveying everything that you want your readers to feel.



You can play around with the material you are printing on, whether the ad is for a newspaper or a magazine. Simply think of ways that can make your print ads interactive, humorous, and emotionally relatable to the readers. Your print materials are not a limitation. Instead, they can serve as your starting point to make your business stand out in this digitally-powered world.


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