Why Businesses are Now Installing 4K CCTV Systems

Technological advancements mean that it is in with the new and out with the old. In the case of surveillance technology, the development of 4K surveillance system has given rise to CCTV systems that deliver imagery with far improved clarity and detailed videos owing to the system providing higher resolutions, contrast, and colour. 

A better resolution makes all this possible; 4K consists of 4000 horizontal pixels and 2160 pixels vertical pixels.

With this in mind, businesses across the country (and the world at large) have in been purchasing and installing 4K CCTV systems en-masse. That is despite the fact this new technology does come with a unique set of drawbacks, such as additional costs and the need for more storage and bandwidth. The benefits of this particular CCTV technology far outweigh any possible disadvantage.

If you are a business owner or business manager who is not sold on the 4K CCTV systems, you have come to the right place. Herein we will delve into the various reasons why businesses are installing this advanced surveillance system in their premises.

#1. Many Business End Up Installing Fewer Cameras For A Defined Area

Traditional HD CCTV systems are inherently limited when it comes to the field of view coverage. With a higher pixel count, the 4K CCTV system is capable of attaining more details from a particular field of view, thereby covering a larger area. In actual numbers, fewer 4K CCTV systems are capable of covering one specific area without suffering from blind spots when compared to traditional HD cameras. 

This is thanks, in large part, to the higher pixel count that allows more significant zooming without losing the quality of the live or recorded video. For many businesses, the reduced number of CCTV cameras can lower the cost of keeping their premises and the people therein safe and secure. For instance, using fewer cameras result in lower maintenance costs, which in the long run can help to reduce the cost of running your business.

#2. You Get Clearer Images 

The other benefit of having 4K CCTV systems is being able to collect higher-quality clearer videos. You do not have to worry about missing the license plates on vehicle visiting your premises. Additionally, 4K allows businesses to record clear imagery of business to have clear facial recognition of all individuals who walk into your business premises. 

The same goes for the minor details such as tattoos, details on objects and clothing. All of this will help businesses and law enforcement authorities identify people in the event something happens. In this regard, 4K is not used for just for observations only but for evidence as well.

#3. Installing 4K CCTV Systems Is Not Difficult

For the vast majority of businesses that already have the latest IT infrastructure in their premises, adding 4K CCTV system is not difficult. 4K surveillance systems can use most of the switches, routers, and computers that you already have in your business. With the shift to a more advanced security system being accessible for most companies, there is no reason not to upgrade the surveillance system.

#4. You Can Use The Video Management Systems Already In Place

The vast majority of VMS systems are 4K compatible. While some will provide a lower resolution video feed, they will still record the video in 4K, which is great for most businesses, especially SMEs. Importantly, having the ability to use the VMS systems lowers the cost of installing 4K surveillance systems. This reduces the barrier for upgrading the system, which makes the upgrade more attractive than keeping archaic surveillance systems.

While this list is by no means complete, as there are other reasons why a business might choose to install a 4K CCTV system, it is nonetheless comprehensive. Importantly, it gives you an idea of what other businesses find significant in this particular surveillance systems, and why you should consider installing them in your business as well.

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