The Reasons Why We Love Microsoft’s Surface Book 2

Over the past year I have been slowly migrating from apple to windows, and to be honest breaking out of the walled gardens that I lived inside (a few known, some unknown) has now not been easy, but it has been freeing.

I need to hand it to apple, they made a system, an environment, that has been at ease and creatively beneficial for many years. But, slowly the sparkle that was once held in such high regards through artists, has began to dull.

For me, there was one piece of hardware that remained from my Apple past, one that traveled with me to all my photograph shoots and pre-production conferences, espresso shops and airport bars, studios and places alike my Mac book Pro.


Microsoft Surface Book:

That very day I purchased a Microsoft Surface Book and never looked back. To be honest, I had supposed to put in writing a review of it for quite some time, but, that blog had been put on the backburner.

What turned into hanging approximately the unique Surface Book turned into something I had a completely tough time quantifying.

At the same time as there have been many things I fell in love with on it, like keyboard, and the removable screen, the factor that gained me over extra than something changed into how a lot it just worked.

I was transporting my raw files from set on the original Surface Book and might occasionally do minor edits on it in airports.

However, the one hundred megapixel documents from the Hasselblad H6D-100c have been taxing on it as soon as layers had been introduced in Photoshop and record sizes surpassed the 5GB mark.

Now i recognize that 5gb files are hardly ever opened on a computer, but I had to test it out and notice that the large documents sizes have been hard at the processor.

Then, about a month ago, the cell phone rang and it was Microsoft, asking me if i would like to hear about a brand new piece of gadget the Surface Book 2.

Formerly they had permit me attempt out their Surface Pro, which I preferred, however nonetheless discovered myself using the Surface Book more.

It changed into a no-brainer and i quickly signed to have a loaner unit dispatched over immediately.


Microsoft Surface Book 2:

The surface book 2 arrived days earlier than I was to fly out for a marketing campaign i was shooting in the New York and New Jersey. I’ve always had a rule that any tools headed to set has to have a backup.

Regardless of how different the backup is, there desires to be a safety net in case something unforeseen happens. For the beyond 12 months, i was travelling with the Surface Book in my carry on while the Mac book Pro was in my checked bags.

Possibly there has been part of me that changed into worried about letting pass of that PC. But, the campaign at the east coast would be the first one absolutely void of an Apple product, backups included. All this had been planned before the Surface Book 2 arrived.

Then the fed Ex transport man arrived with the package that I have been expecting all day. Within the box became the white container containing a new Surface Book 2, and to my surprise in it became the 15” model.

Whilst I knew it existed, I had told the gentleman on the cell phone to ship out whatever become easiest and I didn’t need to problem them with demands.

My experience with Surface Book 2:

To be sincere, I had grown pretty comfortable with the 13-inch version that I purchased and didn’t think there was a need for the greater two inches, I was incorrect.

As it seems the brand new version changed into completely rebuilt from the ground up and I should inform it within the first hour of using it. The information have been even extra delicate and it turned into even comfortable to type on.

I have never used a pc that felt as powerful as the surface book 2. This beast ate 100-megapixel files for lunch and got here again for more.

In a manner, it felt as even though my pc had hooked up with my laptop and this new baby turned into the beast. Credit wherein it is due, the word “Surface Beast” was without a doubt coined via one of the art directors at the photo shoot whilst he in comparison it to his Mac book pro and determined we might preview the shoot at the surface from there on out.

Secondary processor:

The Surface book 2 has an option to have a secondary processor in the keyboard base of the computer. What this means is that you may detach the display, turn it round and fold it backward and feature a drawing tablet with close to laptop power – it’s miles absolutely insane.

This feature, mixed with the increasing inebriation led to me laughing near-cheering with the assertion that my flight delayed. In 3 hours of sitting at the airport bar, i had completed key art retouching on one of the pix from the campaign (that is large) and rung up a healthy bar tab of Hendricks.

For me the Surface Book 2 was the Mac book Pro that we had all desired anticipated from Apple, it simply wears an exceptional brand. While other opinions will study off the spec sheets and talk about the 17-hour battery life and GX Yadda Yadda Yadda processor, they forget about that we (the innovative experts) use these as gear.

What Microsoft has accomplished with the Surface book 2 is make a system void of gimmicks, due to the fact gimmicks don’t preserve up within the running world. Our jobs will now not advantage from being able to tap an emoji on a scroll bar, they’ll benefit from the capacity to get work finished.



As a photographer, it feels extraordinarily abnormal to mention this, but i surely sense that the Surface book 2 isn’t always only an excellent contender for the laptop to own but definitely the uncomplicated preference of the computer to have on set.

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