5 Tips For Using Self Storage For Doomsday Prep

Doomsday preppers are a group of people who spend their lives focusing on how to prepare so that they can survive in the event of a major earth event. Such events could be a zombie apocalypse, but more realistically they centre around pandemics, catastrophe that causes major social unrest, and anything else that means normal day to day life is no longer viable. 

Whilst many may scoff at people who spend their life preparing for events that hopefully won’t happen in our lifetime, it’s egotistical to ignore their ethos completely. It is actually quite sensible to have some level of preparation should there be an issue with getting food, water and other essentials. The perfect place for your ‘what if’ preparation boxes?

Self storage 

Cheap self storage is an excellent place for your doomsday preparation boxes. It is separate from your home so you don’t have to use up precious square footage. Instead, you can utilise a safe, dry, secure space that ensures your items will remain in the same condition as you left them, you know, in good shape for the apocalypse. 

Here are 5 tips to help you use self storage for doomsday prep: 

1.24/7 Access

The end of the world waits for no man. You need to be able to access your unit in a rush so look for 24/7 access and the ability to get to your unit with secure access codes and locks. 

2. A Good Location

You don’t want to have to travel to a cheap self storage locker an hour away when you don’t have an hour to spare. Use a self storage unit that you can easily get to, ideally within 15 minutes or less. Storing.com have more information. Ideally it will not use major routes, in case the roads get backed up. 

3. Keep It Legal

Some doomsday prep items won’t be allowed in self storage. Weapons, explosives and organic matter are not allowed. You can, however, store tinned food and bottled water in most units, but do check with the facility first. 

4. Don’t Pack Heavy Boxes

You might think it makes sense to pack heavy boxes in different categories. All your tins in one box, your water in another. This is actually quite unhelpful because it means it will be difficult to lift and pack your car in the event of an emergency. Instead, pack in small strong boxes. Consider packing boxes with a bit of everything in. That way you don’t have to leave all of one important item behind. You could also take one small box with a bit of everything in if you’re on foot and only have a rucksack. 

5. Speaking Of Rucksacks…

It’s a great idea to have a survival rucksack ready to go in the event that you need to literally arrive and grab everything you need. It could include things like sleeping bags, a camping stove, food packets etc. It’s a good option in case you need everything in one handy to carry package.

It might seem a bit bonkers to prepare for a once in a lifetime emergency event, but it really can’t hurt. Even if you just have a few tins, loo rolls and some water you can just use them when times are hard. Cheap self storage can be as small as a gym locker or as big as a football field. You don’t need a football fields worth of loo roll, but who doesn’t need a gym locker full of basics just in case the worst happens? 

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