5 Strategy Pointers for FBA eCommerce in 2018

In 2018, the fulfillment from Amazon (Fulfillment by Amazon) has been quickly turning into a major global trend. The system lets anyone sell products online without ever disturbing them about both the logistics and customer service aspects.

The algorithm is the following: goods are transferred to an Amazon fulfillment center, every single product at the Amazon storefront is recorded, and then Amazon manages the rest. As a result, companies are able to focus on more strategic tasks.

Amazon takes a small fee for holding onto products as well as for carrying out customer fulfillment. This is definitely justified since Amazon brings traffic to their own shop, in addition to giving access to the world’s quickest logistics team.

Companies looking into creating their own FBA eCommerce company or those who are currently an FBA e-tailer would most definitely benefit from the following five strategy pointers to push traffic to shops and boost customer conversions.

1.    Make Captivating Descriptions

Most people have been disappointed once or twice with a discouraging product description on Amazon. This shows how important product descriptions actually are. In fact, it is a crucial factor in on-page SEO that companies can utilize to boost the traffic of their Amazon sales page. Thus, businesses need to ensure that within the 100- to  150-word description, prime keywords are included.

2.    Take Advantage of Tools to Stay Ahead of the Competition

The number of e-tailers who use FDA within the same industry or even segment is growing. To retain their competitive edge, businesses need to set timely optimal prices for at least their top products based on regularly delivered competitive pricing data. Manual price monitoring for even selected products is very time-consuming and does not allow reacting quickly to market changes. In this situation, a specially designed software which collects pricing data from competitors’ websites and delivers it on schedule lets e-tailers set competitive prices and thereby increases their revenue.

3.    Become Educated in Facebook Ads

Companies which fail to promote their FBA companies effectively can leverage the power of Facebook ads, as it is a surefire way to get sales to soar.

Facebook ad-sets need to aim directly at a certain industry. The narrower the target audience, the greater the possibility that a sale will be made. The ROI from that strategy is as high as that of any of the other marketing methods out there, if not higher.

4.    Take Advantage of Social Media

Facebook is not the only social media platform FBA sales pages can use to get traffic. Other noteworthy platforms include both Twitter and Instagram as they are a great way to captivate audiences.

When using Twitter, companies can boost their current customer sales base, discounts, as well as upcoming product launches. Companies can showcase their products on Instagram while utilizing Facebook ads to show their products in front of a potential buyer’s feeds.

5.    Offer Stimulus for Reviews

Google Search is increasingly taking into account customer reviews of companies. Therefore, e-tailers need to ask clients to leave a review on both Amazon and Google. In return, customers can get a discount voucher or any other incentive.

To succeed, businesses need to remain dedicated.

Just as with most things in life, people naturally need some time and perseverance to see their efforts bring results. That being said, e-tailers have all the chances to stick out from the crowd of FBA sellers with the right strategies.

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