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Vibrant and lively videos are in enormous demand during this time when everyone is recording videos right through their mobile phones. With various upcoming video-sharing platforms such as Tik Tok, Vigo Video, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. being used by everyone to share their talent., demand for interesting videos has increased. Although these platforms are usually for sharing short video clips, many times, we have to click large video files right through our mobile phones for both personal and professional purposes. 

In no condition, we can share videos without processing them. But when it comes to processing the large files before sharing them on social media, both android and iPhone users have trouble editing large 4K files on their mobile devices. The best way to edit, trim, cut, merge large videos recorded on mobile devices to use desktop software. Using desktop software to edit large videos gives you access to better options and space on the screen.  

The problems that are faced while editing large video files are as follows – 

  • Output video suffers quality loss because of its large size
  • There are strange unwanted pixels in the output video
  • The output video turns laggy after editing
  • The software cannot edit large files. 

It would be best if you have software on your desktop that will solve all these trivial problems and give you an amazing output file with no playing errors. One such software is Digiarty’s VideoProc, which is a quick solution to all your post-production requirements. VideoProc will process your footage regardless of where you have shot it. You could have recorded the video on your smartphone or camera or GoPro or drone. Further, it is the most reliable app to process, edit, cut, trim, and convert large 4K video files. 

Reasons VideoProc is the best 4K video editor.

1: Optimal file size and quality

When compared to other 4K editing softwares, VideoProc is the best software that converts large files to the smallest available size without any alteration in the quality. It delivers a compression ratio of more than 90%. 

2: Produces better quality of videos

The original quality of your videos is always maintained while editing or converting large video files through VideoProc.; in some cases, the quality of the video can be improved while editing. 

3: Lower CPU usage

Due to the level 3 hardware acceleration technology, VideoProc uses a lot less CPU as compared to its competitors. It also brings down the temperature of your desktop while processing large files. 

4: Expert in processing Large / 4K videos

VideoProc can process and edit 4K large-sized videos effectively, which are recorded from cameras, mobiles, and drones. 

5: Editor with Strong Conversion

Another best quality of this software is that it can convert more than 370 input Codecs and over 420 output formats. These conversions of large 4K videos to 1080p/720p, 1080p/720p to 4k, convert 3D to 2D, HEVC to H.264 is just amazing for every beginner to improvise their videos. 

What makes VideoProc special?

There is a reason why VideoProc is the most sought after choice in the market. Its core technology is called GPU acceleration. This is a level 3 hardware acceleration technology that helps the system to speed up while dealing with 4K large video files. The advantage of GPU technology is that it improves the speed of your system by a maximum of 47 Times and lowers your CPU usage to 33%. This software does all of this without compromising the quality of your output video file. 

Here’s  quick video tutorial for you to check out:–


The market at present has a significant demand for efficient and fast video editing softwares that provides a clean and stable output for processing large files. Thus, when it comes to processing large video files, you can rely on VideoProc. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to use, even for beginners. You can do a free video editor test to understand the software better.

This is a one-stop solution for processing, editing, and converting large video because of its cutting edge GPU acceleration technology. This app adapts to customers’ requirements, and this makes it a top choice processing 4K large video files in the market between a pool of various free and paid softwares. 

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