What Is Lucky Patcher? Everything you should know about it

Nowadays you can see many cracking related applications on the Internet, which are really outstanding. There are some apps which are outstanding and working nicely. But now Lucky Patcher Android App broke the limits of cracking. This app is more than some cracking apps for Android. This app is capable of manipulating other apps in seconds. This app is bit risky and illegal in some situations.

What is Lucky Patcher?

As I mentioned above, Lucky Patcher Android App is a special tool which can manipulate other Android app and which is more than other normal cracking apps. This app can analyze and modify permissions from the selected app and make other changes in the app too. Defining Lucky Patcher Android App properly I will say it is a tool which will give you real access to the permissions granted and unaccepted to the specific app. You can make several tweaks in them and make the app as required. You can remove some advertises, take backups of the current mode of that app, change the specific permission of that app and there is much more to see in this app. All you need is Root permission with SuperSU or some relevant application to make Lucky Patcher Android App useful on your Android device.

On launching the Lucky Patcher Android App, you will see a list of applications installed on your rooted device. Now you have to tap on any of the apps and you will see a popup mentioning application information and some access to special tools. You have to select something from that tools like you can remove ad permissions from that app or you can create modified apk according to your requirements. You can also make the app tweaked to work in some conditions where normally the original app will fail. For this all things, you will need root permissions for sure.

You can get root permission on your device with some one-click root applications like TowelRoot and other apps like KingoRoot will work too. You don’t need any coding skills or stuff to modify applications. You can do it with Lucky Patcher Android App.

On the app screen, you will notice some colors on the name of that app. The colors have some specific meaning like some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Orange – Basic system app.
  2. Red – There’s no way to modify it.
  3. Blue – Contains Google Adsense Ads.
  4. Purple – This app will start on device boot.
  5. Yellow – Have some limited patches available.
  6. Green – Easy to disconnect from Google Play store.

After downloading Lucky Patcher Android App, you will realize that some of the tools are illegal to use as you can indirectly steal credits or get free in-app purchases using this tool. This app is capable to run some commands like removing the license verification from the app, remove Google based ads, add support patch for InApp and LVL emulation, change App’s component, create new modified APK file and a manual patcher. You have to use this app wisely not to see yourself in trouble. Although it won’t be a crime to modify application by removing ads, using other features to get the free in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher Android App may create a problem.

The app is regularly updated by the developer, and the last update gave some good features and removed bugs like a problem in root detection, Android patches, custom patches are updated now, and you will barely face any problems using our download link. There are some small features which make this app best like making any app system app and also moving apps to your SD card, so if you are a gamer and have low space, then this app is best for you.

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