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All people in all over the world must know about Google and most of them use the search engine to find any information and anything. Yes, the huge search engine is the most popular one in the world. Besides, it always develops with kinds of feature that give the best services to the users. One of the greatest features of Google is the capability to answer any kind of questions asked by the users. Most search engines may do the same, but Google search is more special because it can answer more complex questions frequently asked by the users. When you ask something complex, the answer from Google may help much.

The capability of Google to answer any questions can be found in the mobile app of it. The application is designed to understand kinds of questions including the complex ones. The product manager of Google; Satyajeet Salgar revealed on his blog that the new application is some of the improvements of Google. The application will make sense the weird of every user in thinking and wanting to know anything.

There are some complexities that can be understood by Google so it can search the answers for any questions. Firstly, it can understand ordered items and the superlatives. For example, you want to know about the largest cities in a state. You can find the answer easily and fast from Google search; even in the form of superlatives. Besides, you also can ask certain time in the superlative questions; the largest cities in a state in certain past year. Google is the search engine that can understand the questions in most complex combinations; like the president of a country in the same time when a baseball team won World Series.

To answer a complex question, Google will break the question down into pieces. Next, Google will reach the Knowledge Graph so it can find the right answer for the complex questions. However, the system used by Google search isn’t perfect. Google revealed about that. Some incorrect answers may come from questions that are not coming from the real life. For example, if you ask a question about an actor in his movie, you may find incorrect answer except the question is more details about the movie’s title and the character’s name. Nevertheless, Google claimed that the new feature will become the foundation for the company to make the search algorithms become smarter later.

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