Right Telephone Company for PBX installation

Right Telephone Company for PBX setup, mainly PBX was formed by analog technology many years ago, but now it is built into digital technology by PBX system, the main point is that the PBX consists on telephone trunk. Which is mainly used as many phone lines, just like in the hotels, hospitals, and some companies, in the hotel is the primary example of the PBX, every room in the hotel has the telephone in it, which is mainly interconnect with the main phone line of the area you want to call. The lines were terminating to the PBX box. If you want to run a business with the telephone, you must need a computer to manage call switching in the system. You can operate the PBX box through dashboard and switchboard. These types of phone are used by mostly for hotel services. Whereas the PBX is the wired system that links the entire phone to one PBX. The main thing in the PBX is the IP which converts the call voice into the circuits and then transfers it to the speaker of the phone, the intellectual property system can also support the analog and the digital telephones, and it always allows you to move from one place to another by slow and steady.  It allows you to save the cost of associated complex of your business telephone. Whereas it provides hosted services to you, and you can still apply features such as voicemail, fax, automated attendants, conference calls, and touchstone menus, call logs, call auditing, and much more. These are the system which can function with PSTN, with the combination of an internet.

VOIP system

VOIP is the best and latest communication system. You can connect your phones to the internet to cheap your call rates.

Features of VIOP

  1. You can check Front desk telephones with guest information
  2. You can set Wake-up alarms
  3. It can always be Reminders
  4. You can check External calls from guest rooms
  5. You can also check and make Call cost features that connect to the billing department
  6. Whereas you can also use the User-friendly phone interface
  7. It has a Search box where you can find client or staff names
  8. The main feature is that One-click call/transfer
  9. It can pop up the window on your screen that displays guest information
  10. It has the smart unlimited wake ups that can be set as according to the date and time
  11. It has most, and the best feature of voicemail prompts in the client’s preferred language
  12. It also has the different wake-up options snooze, room service, weather forecast
  13. It has the possibility to check out using the room phone.

Types of PBX


  • IP PBX
  • Hosted/Virtual PBX
  • Hosted/Virtual IP PBX

Right Telephone Company for PBX installation

  1. Right Telephone Company for PBX installation
  2. This system is admittedly easy to operate, and it provides you better support for your business. The installation of the PBX is the time consuming and mostly annoying.
  3. Just select the area where you wanted to it operate your all connected lines with one, and it must be interconnected to your phone lines and your phone units.
  4. The next step is that just attach the KSU to any wall where you wanted it with its mounting kit. And you have to start hole in the wall
  5. Just put the circuit card into the KSU. Some units wanted you to remove it in just case.
  6. Just simply connect your phone lines with KSU with the use of lines cords.
  7. Just plug-in in the wire in the KSU and make sure that all the lights of the KSU will be blowing correctly.
  8. Just turned on all the phone lines and checked the lights and make sure all of them are interconnect to the KSU.
  9. If you wanted it to run properly just have to use the setup and programming guide provided by your PBX honor to code it.
  10. 8. Test your phones by placing and receiving calls once the programming is complete.

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