6 Remarkable Benefits of a Visit Management System

How many visitors did you have today? How many of them visited your office yesterday? Are you able to tell the number of visitors on a specific day three months ago? Maybe not. There are several reasons why you might want to check on visitors who came to your office on a specific day, but the key reason would be for security purposes. Today, there has been a rising number of threats thus it is good to ensure the safety of your office as well as your staff that’s where a visit management system comes in. a visit management system is designed to check-in and track people who visit your facility. This is a replacement of the long-established visitor check-in book.

A visit management system comes with several benefits although many offices and businesses are still using the traditional, paper-based visit management system like guest books and name tags. Nevertheless, there are shortcomings that come with such old-fashioned systems. They are not perfect, the complex and it takes a lot of time to handle and successfully document. Additionally, they are not ensuring the protection of your office and staff. It is difficult to keep track of visitors since one can write the wrong name or even decide to sign-out or you may not be able to read the name that was written.

A visit management system keeps track of all visitors coming to your office thus providing the protection for your facility and personnel.

This article will highlight some of the benefits of an electronic visitor management system.

  1. Security

This is the most incredible benefit of a visitor management system. It is designed to keep your facility as well as personnel as safe as possible. For instance, in case of emergency or a fire breakdown, it becomes easy to accurately provide information of all the visitors at your facility. It is also easy to call your visitors in case of an emergency so that they know exactly what has happened and what to do by giving them exit instructions. Remember the security of your facility, staff as well as your visitors is very crucial.

  1. Accuracy

Another benefit that comes with a visitor management system is that visitors can be check-in quickly and more accurately to the database since their documents are scanned and the data can also be confirmed when a need arises.

Unlike the traditional guest book, a visitor management system is designed for recording information in a more uniform and correct manner.  A receptionist just enters the visitor’s information into the database by typing and their driving licenses or business cards, as well as other important documents, are scanned.

  1. Pre-registration

This is an incredible perk with the visitor management system in that, it becomes easier to record information of a visitor who is already into the system and who will be visiting the facility.  For instance, if the receptionist finds out that a particular visitor who was already checked-in previously is coming, he/she can add all the pertinent details of the visitor to the database ahead of time. This makes the sign-in process faster when the visitor arrives. More incredibly, verifying emails with a map, security instructions, and other meeting information can be automatically sent to any visitors. All of this will significantly speed up a visitor’s sign-in process, which is great for all parties involved.

  1. Appearance

How did you find the guest book of that office you visited that has been in use for the past three months? I bet it was untidy. Maybe some of the papers of the first pages are missing. Untidy visitor book appears traditional and clumsy. A modern visitor management system to replace your guest book will leave an awesome sense to your visitors and clients. Remember it is also difficult to keep track of the records in an untidy and awkward visitor book thus the security of your facility and staff is at risk.

  1. Dependable

The visitor management system is dependable in that, in case of emergency it is easy to communicate to any non-employee present in the facility so that they can exit the premises as soon as possible.

  1. Efficiency

A visitor management system ensures efficiency, unlike the paper-based method. It aids in delivering excellent customer service and improve your operational efficiency.

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