How to Look Stylish and Trendy on a Budget

Welcome to the world of fashion – where staying up-to-date with the changing trends, seasons and campaigns is the new cool. Whether you are a micro-influencer or a college student, what you wear can reflect how fashion-forward and presentable you are – irrespective of your style. But getting to know what cuts and colors work for your body and skin tone can be a creative yet experimental process. And let’s face it, not everyone has the money to look stylish and trendy daily. 

Hence, here are some tips that will help you save your money and reputation!

Build Your Closet with Timeless, Basic Items First

Some things will never go out of fashion; this includes anything from basic tees in black and white or denim boyfriend and skinny jeans. Look out for trends that are evergreen or once that keep coming back frequently. Then hold on to these items in the long run. Monochromatic tops and dresses with a neutral color palette are also versatile. Basic sneakers, classic black stilettos, and even nude pumps can be paired with almost any outfit – this will save you from spending too much as well as help you pull together a neat look.

Search for Online Discounts

This can be a lifesaver. Especially if you keep an eye on online stores that are just emerging on the market – most of them are in search of loyal customers or have frequent giveaways. This way the customer and the seller can mutually benefit from each other. Plus, there are sites that offer all sorts of women dresses at really cheap prices. Online stores also tend to have rarer items that can spice up your closet. Thus, sign up to their newsletter, subscribe to their mailing list or follow them on social media to save a substantial amount of money – instead of being brand conscious.

Thrift Stores Can be a Goldmine for Exclusive Pieces

If you are a pro at haggling, then thrift stores can be a goldmine for the stylist in you. Especially, when vintage clothing items come back in fashion – that is anything from faux fur, mom jeans to velvet dresses. Several items could even suit your style, but beware that you will require to patiently working your way around a thrift store before you find something that matches your taste. Nonetheless, it will be worth the struggle.

Look Out for Clearance Sales

Clearance sales are a broke girl’s serotonin supply! You can finally afford to buy branded clothes from the end of season sales – especially from stores you could never even imagine visiting. Make sure that you keep in touch with the store employ to stay up-to-date with their sales, that you have more options to pick from. 

Re-use Old Items by Creative Styling

Fashion is subjective; even though trends tend to change faster than the seasons, you can always revamp your look by mixing and matching several outfits. You can wear dresses as tops, style a dungaree differently or turn a crop top. There are several tutorials available online on how to style the same outfits differently to create a new look.

Other than that, instead of buying a new dress each time you head out, try investing in statement jewelry and accessories. You need not buy a fancy gown to a dinner party, instead, you can add jewelry to a basic outfit and make it look glamorous.

De-clutter Your Closet

Finally, the trick of staying up-to-date with fashion is keeping a keen eye on what goes in your closet. If you are a hoarder, chances are that your wardrobe may be disorganized and you might end up missing out of using key clothing items when the time is right. You might even forget owning a piece of clothing that comes back in style. Moreover, you can always sell out your old clothes to earn extra bucks to invest in more items.

Looking trendy and hip does not have much to do with what you wear, but how you carry it. The best fashion advice would be that no matter what you are put on, you must strut your stuff confidently. Undoubtedly, there will be people who would have negative reviews about your look, but trying out what fits your style can be a gratifying process. 

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