Simple video editors: What app to choose?

From one year to another, tools for video editing become more powerful and easier to use (especially when it comes to software focused on nonpro users). Contemporary software solutions allow users who are far from professional filmmaking industry produce high-quality films for their family archives. Such software products don’t make them spend hours with the aim to understand the operational aspect of a definite program. You just need to download the tool, install it and start enhancing videos.

Taking into account the thing that internet offers an awful lot of online editors, we’ll review several the most worthy apps for Mac users. In fact, editing video on Mac can be simple and even fascinating only in case you select an appropriate application.

1. Apple Final Cut ProIf you used to deal with 3D virtual reality, this software product is a number-one tool for you! Millions of Mac users prefer this application and remain satisfied with its range of options. This is a progressive application developed for video editing on Mac. It is fitted with many useful options allowing users to turn a boring editing procedure into an interesting pursuit.

The software has a Magnetic Timeline 2 option, which deletes all unacceptable gaps or any other syncing issues. Its media organization options can locate your clips on the basis of specific keywords and automatic metadata. The app has also lots of other cool features like HDR video, Chroma keying, compound clips, etc.

2. CaptoThis is one more cross-functional software product for Mac users, offering a full set of editing instruments. This is not just an ordinary editing tool. The app is focused on meeting the demands of various types of users because it can record screens, take screen capturing or perform video or image editing function. The core audience for this program is teachers, students, bloggers or other individuals who are in search of a worthy screen capture app.

With Capto Mac editing tools, users can enhance any video. If necessary, users of this application can even save a full webpage in a matter of seconds.

The image editing options allow users to make their screenshots brighter and more interesting. You can easily change the properties, make adjustments or add annotations. After the editing procedure, users can share the result on Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

3. Avid Media ComposerThis is a professional tool for those individuals who deal with editorial work on Mac computers. Now, you won’t face any difficulties with ether HD or high-res editing because this particular program speeds up this process. Even if your primary objective is to deal with 4K video, the app offers you this functionality. With Avid Media Composers, you’ll have a chance to work with the following features:

• Many fluid options and color grading.

• Ultra HD, 2K or 8K source files,

• 3D workflow,

• Combine Media formats.

You can check out all advantages through the use of a free version.

4. Kdenlive The application features many editing options, serving the needs of either professional filmmakers or video hobbyists. Even if you are far from video editing, you can easily start with this program. Using this application, you can amalgamate several media files in one. As a result, you’ll get a file with a frame rate, personalized resolution, etc.

With Kdenlive, Mac owners can use lots of other tools for creating personal video files. Such effects as a transition, colors, pitch shifting or rotation allow you to create cool video files.

If you are a Mac user and used to shoot various videos either for your personal needs or for your work, a well-trusted software product is your main road to a successful result!

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