Neutrogena’s New iPhone App Will Reveal Every Single Problems of Your Skin in Amazing Details Skin Scanner and Skin360 App

Is getting a better skin a part of your New Year’s resolution? If you have vowed to take a better care of your skin, then you are definitely going to love this new iPhone app from Neutrogena.

Skin Scanner and Skin360 App

Neutrogena is one of the bestselling skincare brands in the US. To help its customers take a better care of their skin, the subsidiary of Johnsons and Johnsons launch a new product called SkinScanner along with Skin360, an iPhone app to accompany it.

Just like what the name suggests, SkinScanner is a tool that is capable to scan your skin and check its real condition. It comes with 12 LED Lights and also 30 times magnification lens that allow you to see your pores and wrinkles terrifyingly clear. Furthermore, it also comes with a moisture sensor around the edges of the lens.

Actually skin scanner is not something new. You might have used it in your dermatologist’s office or maybe in various cosmetics stores. But the best thing about Neutrogena’s skin scanner is it can be used with a smartphone and also comes with an iPhone app. It means, SkinScanner is a cheaper way to check the condition of your skin and it also will appeal to tech savvy young consumers.

How to Use the Scanner and the App

SkinScanner is very easy to use. Firstly, you simply need to attach the tool to the upper part of your iOS smartphone. After that, open the Skin360 app and it will sync up with the scanner tool. Once you are ready, you must take an up-close photo of your face, just like taking a selfie. To get the best result, make sure you take three snapshots, one of your forehead, one of your chin and the other one is your cheek.

The 12 LED lights and 30 times magnification lens will scan your face for pores, wrinkles, fine lines as well as the moisture level of your skin. The level of clarity is not something an ordinary iPhone or other smartphone camera can take and this is the best thing about SkinScanner. The app will score the condition of your skin and also recommend which Neutrogena products you need to use to improve your skin condition.

Other Great Features

The app will not only be able to reveal the real condition of your skin, but it also will be able to compare your skin with other users in your age range. As a result, you can get an idea of how a healthy skin of people your age should be like.

As for now, SkinScanner will only focus on aesthetics. It is not yet capable to treat acne or signs of other skin conditions because for that, the company will need FDA approval. However, it is not impossible that it could happen sometime in the future. Furthermore, the app also will show various beauty tips that you can use to improve the youthful looks of your skin.

SkinScanner and its iPhone app will be officially unveiled in the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. If you are interested to purchase this product, it will hit the market in the summer and it will cost $50.

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