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All of us wants to stay healthy and fit. There are certain ways to stay healthy and fit for example doing vigorous exercise at the gym , walking,swimming etc. Everyone prefers different things for themselves. But the simplest way to stay fit and healthy is by walking daily for at least 30 minutes.

Walking is an amazing and simplest Ve for everyone to stay fit and healthy without finding some extra time for the gym. And what if I tell you that you can earn money by walking. Now most of you must be wondering but how is it possible? or is it really true or not?. It is true that I recently found out, there are some applications which pay you for walking you just have to sign up and start walking.

Here are some of the apps that pay you to walk and exercise: Earn money from walking

1.   SweatCoin

It is a unique application which pays you only for walking outside meaning that the treadmills and walking around aur inside your house won’t count. Sweatcoin rewards you with 0.95 sweatcoins whenever you take 1,000 outdoor steps. This sweatcoins adjust like the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ,you can use them to redeem rewards available in the application. This sweatcoins can also be sent to your friends if you want. The rewards on this application change is daily so this is a suggestion to save your sweatcoins for later when there is an amazing reward available.

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  2. Runtopia

This application is focused on helping you to improve your fitness while giving rewards as a bonus. Antonia allows its users to set exercise goals for running ,walking and cycling. Through this application you can also have an audio coach playing during your workouts.some features of this application requires premium membership but most are completely completing daily tasks within the app you will earn sports coins which can be redeemed for products, free memberships ,coupons and even Paypal cash. Important thing about sports coins is that these sports coins expire every year on 1st March ,so make sure to use them before they expire.

3. LifeCoin

Coin is very similar to sweatcoin but have a very different look. It has mostly all the features of the sweatcoin application for example you can only one Life Coins by walking outdoors as a free user, you can only earn up to 5 life coins a day. This application also have some features different than the sweatcoin.

  1. If you want to earn more than 5 life coins a day then you can buy premium subscription which will cost you around $4.3 per month.
  2. As a part of the premium subscription you will also gain access to to assume premium and all of their other top apps as well.
  3. Life coin lets you choose your rewards on your own it is a huge variety of gift cards and products you can also redeem your life coins for physical products like airpods, quadcopter or beats headphones.

More on walking apps that pay you?

These were three of the most trending walking apps that pay you to walk. But in different countries many apps may not work. Hence go through the article above to know more about best apps that pay you for walking in your country region. The working principle of all these apps is almost the same, the difference just comes when it is the reward. Thank you for reading and read more about such apps from which you can earn money without any investment at Dailyjunkies. Do share this article with friends and family.

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