7 Amazing Personalized Gift Ideas For BFF (Friendship Day Alert)

Friendship day is about to approach and what’s better than giving your best friend a personalized gift to celebrate this eternal bond of friendship. Now if you are convinced to get your hands on some personalized gift for your best friend, here we have jot down a list for you all. Have a look at the article to know the details!

Personalized Gift Ideas For Friendship Day

Given below is a list of 7 personalized gifts ideas for friendship day to give the best gift to your BFF. Have a look!

1. Explosion Box

Explosion box is an amazing gift option to give to your best friend on friendship day. You can add that personalized touch to your gift by pasting your pictures in the box that explodes as soon as you open the cap on the top. When you open the box the unique packaging pictures will pop out of all the sides and you can even write quotes on it. You can make this gift on your own or get it made from gifting websites. Your best friend will surely love this gift as it includes your hardwork and ideas. 

2. A Greeting Card

Greeting cards have always had a special place in our hearts because in childhood, giving handmade greeting cards was the best option to give to your BFF to celebrate friendship day. You can now get one level up to make the card personalized with your pictures, personal messages and other things that make the card even more special. It would be great if you create the greeting card on your own to show your friends the love and care you have for them in your heart.

3. Personalized Scrapbook

Personalized scrapbooks are a perfect gift to give to your best friend on friendship day as this gift puts through the meaning that your friend is truly special to you. A scrapbook basically means a diary in which people write about you and what they feel for you, similarly, you can also paste pictures of you two in the scrapbook and write messages showing how special is your friendship to you. Also, you can make the scrapbook as per the theme, for example, year or month wise memories that you guys shared.

4. Pen With Name And Profession

Having a pen that has your profession/ designation and name engraved on it is really special as it denotes that you are proficient in your career and is considered as a sign of praising. So, you can give you best friend one such pen with their name and profession engraved on it. This gift may not show anything related to your friendship, but your friend will always cherish this amazing gift.

5. Engraved Keyrings

Engraved keyrings shows a meaningful message to the person you are giving the gift. Nowadays, keychain with a message ‘Drive safe, I need you here with me’ is getting popular. If your best friend drives a car or bike, then giving this gift on friendship day will be the perfect pick as it shows your concern and love for them. Or you can engrave anything else that you would like to say to you BFF.

6. Matching T-Shirts

Twinning with your best friend has always been every BFF’s first pick, so why don’t you try it on this friendship day? Pick a matching t-shirt and gift it to your best friend to slay on friendship day. You can also get t-shirts with a quote, where half quote is printed on one t-shirt and the other half is printed on the other and you need to come together to complete it.

7. Friendship Bands

How can we forget friendship bands when it is friendship day? We all must have tied friendship bands to our best friend in school on this special and that was the only gift that we all used to give when we were a kid. So, while not breaking the rule of this special day, once again get a pretty band for your BFF and to add that personalized touch, put the name initials beads in the band.

We understand friendships are special and to celebrate this bond our list of personalized gifts ideas will surely help. Hope you liked this article and found it informative.

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