How to Make the Most of a Job Fair

Some people will attend a job fair in order to look for a chance to give their resumes to the recruiters there. However, you can get more than just a smile, a nod, or a handshake from the recruiter if you know how. Here are some tips to do at a job fair so that the chance will not be completely wasted.

1. Research the Participating Companies

Research the Participating Companies

Before you attend the job fair venue you should have known before hand whether or not the companies you are interested in working in participated in the event. This will save you from a full day of walking aimlessly inside a venue full of people looking for job. You should also find out what position opens in the companies you want to join so that you will not have to ask it to the recruiters.

2. Ask the Important Questions

Ask the Important Questions

To make the most of your experience at a job fair, when facing with a recruiters you should really ask about the question that really matters, not one which answer can be easily found by a simple internet search. For example, you can ask the recruiter about those who have succeed the position previously or the key to succeed in securing the position opened at the company.

3. Be Prepared to Make Connections

Making Connection

Aside from being able to know more about the position you are aiming for in different companies, you need to keep in mind that a job fair is also a place for networking and making connections. To make a good first impression as a job seeker, you need to collect as many business cards as possible. You should also need to make good connections so that the company representation will remember you later on.

4. Apply Online after the Event

apply job

Many job seeker think that it is enough to drop off their resumes in the company job fair booth and regard applying online a futile action. In reality, by applying online to the company website after you attend a job fair will give a clearer idea on what the company is looking for and you can also tweak your online resume to suit their criteria. You should also mention in the written materials that you sent about the conversation you have at the job fair with the company rep.

Some people will only attend, hand out their resumes, and then left the venue without really knowing that a job fair is a very great opportunity to land the job they wanted and widen their network. By following these tips, you will get more from a job fair than just an exhaustion.

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