Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Actually Important for Small Businesses

Apart from the size and type, every business needs a solid online presence to keep up with the gradually competitive business landscape and LinkedIn is one of the powerful social media platforms to help brands and businesses jump-start that lucrative presence efficiently.

LinkedIn is famous among business owners and marketers as a great social platform full of industry leaders, decision-makers, experts and other professionals. That is the reason, more and more businesses are using LinkedIn for lead generation, online reputation management and to connect with industry-relevant people. 

LinkedIn is hugely beneficial for businesses of all types and here is how your small business can also benefit from LinkedIn multiple ways.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn could be a great source of leads as it allows you to connect with your target audience and prospects conveniently. It not only offers simple messaging but also helps you build a professional network that is very helpful for your business or brand. LinkedIn messages are not so professional as compared to cold emails and are nice to receive when personalized accordingly. Moreover, you can also export LinkedIn contacts of people you find relevant to your industry or business in order to reach them directly for effective communication and encourage them for purchases from your company. LinkedIn makes it easier for you to reach and communicate with your customers by providing many ways such as groups, built-in search features, and LinkedIn sales navigator, etc. 

Higher Level of Reliability 

Just like other digital channels, LinkedIn is a great platform to present your products or services in front of customers and prospects to gain trust and reliability. ‘Recommendations’ is the best sales feature offered by LinkedIn as more recommendations you will have for your products or services, the more opportunities you will get to generate leads and become a credible seller among competitors.

Quality Industry Connections

As it is mentioned above that LinkedIn is saturated with industry leaders, experts and professionals, having a well-optimized business profile on LinkedIn helps you build strong and high-quality industry connections. This builds a culture of professionals who are representing their brands and companies to make business easier for everyone on board. 

Spot Latest Industry Trends

A great ‘skills and expertise’ search function provided by LinkedIn helps professionals, bloggers, and business owners to stay updated with the latest industry trends and information on what is happening in particular industries and markets. For instance, as a digital marketer, you can search ‘digital marketing’ in the search bar to see who views LinkedIn as relevant to this industry. It also provides you with interesting demographic and useful information related to the industry. You can also learn about the latest digital marketing trends and techniques that other LinkedIn users are using to rank their businesses higher in search engines. Moreover, you can also find prospects and leads for digital marketing services offering you are.

Online Reviews

In this digital world, building up positive online customer reviews and rating is most important to show authority and relevance for your business in the eyes of consumers and search engines. LinkedIn could be the best place for you to build up online reviews for your business or company because when your LinkedIn page or profile ranks well, it appears at the top when someone conducts a search for your business in search engines. When they see your LinkedIn profile, they might look into it for recommendations and referrals from others before closing a deal with you. That’s why LinkedIn can help your business build positive reviews and recommendations to stand out among competitors.

Spying Your Competitors

As most of the businesses are on LinkedIn to build a network and to keep their customers updated with business information, industry trends and new product launch, your competitors will also be doing the same. In simple words, it can be a great place for you to keep an eye on your competitors to see who they are connecting with, how they are reaching their target audience, who they are leaving recommendations for and what they are talking about in their updates. By doing so, you can learn more about how they are utilizing LinkedIn as a platform for positive business growth and how you can improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy to get most from it.

Find New Hires

While connecting with the people relevant to your industry and keeping tabs on connections in your industry by using LinkedIn advanced search options, you can find the best talent for the positions vacant in your company or business. LinkedIn’s Advanced Search functionality allows business owners and recruiters to find talent and new hires via a number of criteria such as keywords, previous experience, and previous employers, etc. to narrow down the talent hunting process. In this way, you can find the real talent for your company to fill up the positions for improved operational efficiency.

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