Introducing the Easiest Way to Resize Videos Effectively

One of the foremost things needed for a great video watching experience is to have the right size and aspect ratio in the video. After all, without the right aspect ratio and size, your video will either get displayed incorrectly or not play at all, especially when the video is being watched on a device with a different screen size than on what it was shot.

The issue is further compounded when it comes to uploading videos on different social media platforms. The social media platforms have their own specifications for video ratio and size, and without following those you will not be able to deliver the best display result.

So, when it comes to making your videos fit for different social media platforms and screen sizes, you need the help of a good video resizer tool to get the job done for you. And, today we will introduce you to such a tool. But, before that, let’s get to know a few more things about video resizing.

Important Things to Consider Before Resizing Videos

Aspect Ratio

You will have to consider the aspect ratio of the screens on which the video will be viewed. After all, for a video to be displayed on any screen, it needs to be compatible with the aspect ratio of that screen. When the aspect ratio of the device screen is different from that of the video, your video will either get displayed incorrectly or fail to load. So, before you start resizing a video for any platform or screen, you will have to consider the optimal aspect ratio that is needed.

Picture Quality

Regardless of whether you are uploading the video on a social media platform or watching it yourself on a device, the viewing experience is completely ruined if the quality of the video is affected. You wouldn’t want the pictures to look blurry or stretchy after resizing the video. So, this is a crucial aspect that you need to take care of.

Video Format

The change in the file format of the video at the time of resizing can drastically change the aspect ratio, sound quality, resolution, and picture quality. The tool you choose needs to support a number of video formats, so that you can take your pick according to the specifications of the platform or device where it will be played.

UniConverter: The Easiest Way to Effectively Resizing Your Videos

One of the easiest ways for you to resize and edit videos is through Wondershare UniConverter, a popular one-stop video editor. It supports over 1000 formats and works 30 times faster without any quality loss. Moreover, it’s not just compatible with both Mac and Windows, but also with all leading social media platforms, right from YouTube, Instagram to Facebook. Besides, UniConverter is super-easy to use.

Here’s outlining the four simple steps to resize video using UniConverter.

Step 1: Installing and Launching the Software

  • Download the UniConverter software for free from the official website of Wondershare
  • Install the software when that option comes up on your screen
  • Double click on the icon after installation for launching the software
  • After the application opens, click on the Video Compress option from the Toolbox tab
launch video resizer on Win/Mac

Step 2: Selecting and Adding Videos to Resize   

  • A new window will come up on screen with a plus icon
  • Click on the plus (+) icon for browsing and adding the video that you want to resize
load videos to resize

Step 3: Selecting the Settings to Resize Videos

  • The details of the video that you have added will come up on your screen shortly
  • You will have to change the setting, as per you like. You can change the video bitrate, format, quality, and resolution as you need by simply moving the progress bar
  • Click on the preview button to quickly take a glance at the changes that you have made in the video
customize video resizing settings

Step 4: Start Resizing the Video

  • Preview all the parameters and make sure that there nothing wrong with the sound and quality of the edited video. Once you are happy with the outcome, hit the Save File option to select the location where you want to save the video.
  • Click on the compress option and your video will start resizing. It will only take a few minutes.
start resizing videos


UniConverter is really easy to use and comes with a host of video editing features. It’s no wonder that over 50 million users love this tool. For further information about the software, make sure to pay a visit to their official website.

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