Best Spoof Call Apps to Install Now

In case you haven’t been informed yet, no good prankster uses their grandma’s button-pressing telephone for doing prank calls anymore. No good prankster calls hardworking pizza delivery service staff anymore to buy boxes and boxes of pizza they never really intend to pay. That’s just uncool right now – not to mention diabolically mean. If people still do prank calls but aren’t doing these things anymore, then what are the fun and a terrific way to do prank calls right now? You guessed it right – spoof call apps!

What are spoof call apps?

When someone calls your mobile phone, you could see the saved contact or the number of the person calling. You immediately have a clue who’s trying to reach you. Now, if you are going to prank someone, it might be a slight hassle to borrow another friend’s phone just to dial your victim’s number, right? Unless you are super rich like Jeff Bezos or any huge money-hustling guy, getting a new number would be a hassle. We know you don’t want that, and you wish to have a hassle-free good time! This is where spoof call apps come in. What do these spoof call apps do? In essence, spoof call apps gather your personal information like your mobile number, name, etc. – and hide it all under a fake number. That’s it! With these apps, sometimes you can even spoof your location the way you do when playing Pokemon Go. Cool, huh?

Are these Spoof Call Apps Safe?

Ask yourself first what your intentions are in installing a spoof call app. Are you doing it to make light fun of someone, or are you using it for harmful (and bordering illegal) instances? If your answer is the former, that you just want to poke fun at someone for a good time – then you have nothing to worry about! If your answer is the latter and you want to use it for dangerous activities, then you shouldn’t think about downloading these apps in the first place. Using a spoof app is generally safe when you do non-illegal things. It is entirely untraceable for an average Joe. Still, when we are talking about the government’s tracing tools, that’s when you get caught. So as long as you keep it harmless, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Now that you already know what spoof call apps are and where and where not to use them, it is time to understand what are the hottest spoof call apps waiting for you right now! Keep reading to find out!

Top 6 Best Spoof Call Apps available in Google Play or Apple App Store:

  1.  Ownage Pranks

No one understands anonymity and security more than Ownage Pranks. This spoof call app is our personal favorite because it is a perfectly designed app for making prank calls. It is from a company of master pranksters – people that have been doing prank calls for more than a decade. Isn’t that crazy? With this, you can be assured that they are always up-to-date with the latest technology and they know exactly what they’re doing! They also offer a range of pre-made scripts performed by professional voice actors for some good fun. They never miss! If you check them out on Google Play or the Apple App store, you will know exactly what we’re saying. Add this to your list of prank apps because no one does it better than they do! 

  1. Fake Me A Call

Well, this is not precisely one of the best on the pranking side, but you can be creative with this app if you want to! Do you want to get yourself out of awkward dinner parties or just any situation, but you don’t have a friend to fake call you? Then you might want to try Fake Me A Call! This is a good spoof call app that gives you convenient options like changing your fake caller’s number and photo. You can even schedule a call to receive precisely when you want to bail out of your dreadful situations. What’s more? It darkens the screen when the phone is near your face, just like receiving an actual phone call!

  1. TextPlus

TextPlus is entirely free, but you need to watch ads to avail of their services. Once you sign up, you get your very own fake/anonymous phone number that you can use to make light-hearted fun of other people. 

  1. Talkatone

Talkatone gives you an anonymous phone number to let you perform your unknown phone calls and texts. Just note that this is not free, and you may need to spend several credits. But it’s a lot cheaper than applying for a new phone plan or getting a burner phone, isn’t it? 

  1. My Phone Robot

My Phone Robot is a pretty straightforward spoof call app. It does precisely what a typical spoof call app does – it hides your number. It displays a different one when contacting people. As a plus, they have an exciting selection of pre-recorded messages to use to make fun of your victims with the use of a reasonable amount of credits.

  1. Dingtone

Dingtone is not like your other spoof calling apps, but you could use it for the same fun! It doesn’t completely mask your details and location. Still, it is a fun, accessible way of changing your number for free calls and free texting. The catch is, you need to watch ads to avail of these offers. But hey, if you want to use this service – what’s only a few seconds of your time, right? 


Different apps operate in unique ways, so it is essential to know what you want in pranking before signing up for a subscription or paying credits. As long as you are well-intentioned and not intending to use these spoof call apps for illegal transactions or any harmful activities – you are all good! Remember that while spoof calls are typically untraceable, you wouldn’t want to mess with government agencies because they will know exactly what you did! Just use these apps for light-hearted and harmless fun, okay? With that, we wish you a happy pranking experience!

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