How to Choose the Best CDN provider For Your Website

If you have medium and large sized websites and companies, then you will need bulk resources to work it out. The main question that we see is “We really need a Content Delivery Network or not?”. We prefer saying yes. Then the next question is “Which CDN is best?”. Our answer is that We can’t judge a CDN as the best. All of them have some special features and tools that will work for you and not for someone. You have to find your CDN according to your requirements.

Here in this article, you will find some good tips regarding the selection of best or right CDN for your website. There are many CDN companies in the market which provide services. Some of the well-known companies are CloudFlare, MaxCDN, etc. We will cover some points which will make you understand your requirements while getting a CDN. Here is the most discussed point.

Why I need a Content Delivery Network?

If you get visitors from multiple countries or say you are targeting world-wide or many countries at a time, then CDN is made for you. It’s not necessary that you need traffic or it won’t worth it. Even at some thousand’s visitors, a day will work. You can find some Pay as you utilize CDN’s.

Things to Consider while selecting Content Delivery Network

There are many things that you will need in a CDN. We have made a small list of things that you should take care while taking a CDN.


There are many things that will come under analytics. Not just your traffic report you also have to monitor your server output or say the response time of your server or hosting. You can get that really meaningful when you have to manage the server on your own. You can get many reports such as Total bandwidth usage, Total requests; Cache hit and miss ratio, Total delivery from the data center, Total delivery from the data center, Bandwidth rate, etc.

You can also get some detailed report of your traffic. From the minutest detail. You can also find some aspects of comparison of traffic form region, time and stuffs. You can also see how much fast your server responds.

Testing stuff.

There are many things that you have to see while testing your website and other things. No one likes a slow websites. According to reports you are more likely to lose visitors if your site won’t load completely before 3 seconds. The slow page will lead to unhappy customers. For that, you have to find CDN’s which provide some stable connection. You can also use free trials of some websites which will allow you to try their services. You can still get a small idea that how your sites will work.


The main thing you should consider is a good review. You will find many companies that will settle your requirements easily, but you have to consider many things here. How much reputed the company is? How the existing customers are reacting after using the services? How is the support by that specific company? You can find some reviews really quick online. Just Google it, and you will find the perfect review.


Here is the main part, you just don’t have to find the best CDN company. You also have to find something that will fit in your budget. Many CDN’s are free and many charges hundreds of $’s to use them. It depends on your budget. Sometimes you have to cut down the features to find something that will fit in your requirement.


The Speedy website will make happy clients instead of the slow clients. You have to consider the speed factor while buying a CDN for your website. You can try out some websites having free trials. You can judge them better after using it personally.

This were the main 5 factors that you should consider while selecting the Best CDN for your website. I always prefer ucdn, as it has got a lot of security features and has some good offers running up. I’ve tried and tested it and found it to be better than other paid content delivery networks.

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