A career in IT for women – study internationally at WSEI

It is a stereotype that most women only perform well in the humanities or as office clerks. Fortunately, graduates of universities such as the College of Economics and Computer Science in Kraków prove that women can indeed become skilled IT experts.

The right school for female IT specialists

The College of Economics and Computer Science is a modern education institution where your gender does not matter – everyone is treated equally. The IT industry is a rapidly-growing sector and the pace at which computerisation is progressing is incredible. Both traditional and international study programmes at CECS are an interesting opportunity for ambitious women. It is also a great idea for those looking to change careers.

Talented women at WSEI

Many women take advantage of international computer science programmes. It is no wonder. Computers, as we have already mentioned, have become part of our everyday lives. Computer science offers great prospects. CECS ensures that our female students can enjoy a well-rounded education and can easily navigate the job market after graduating. To achieve this, we have introduced a modular education system. It is an effective model of teaching which splits education into two parts: a compulsory part which encompasses industry-related knowledge, as well as an individual part which allows students to choose what they want to learn and which functions as a regular module with examinations at the end.

In addition, international studies enable women to improve their language skills, look at the IT industry from a broader angle (both foreign and domestic) and acquire many valuable professional connections. At the College of Economics and Computer Science, we all know full well the importance of acquiring practical knowledge and making your hobby part of your professional life. This is exactly why we established the Technology Park, which supports unique IT projects of our students. Modern teaching methods, a personalised approach which plays to every student’s strengths, combining interests with practical knowledge and applying them at work, being able to study in a foreign language – all this results in our female graduates standing out on the job market.

Serious contenders on the job market

Modern women are effectively competing with men in the IT industry. Female graduates of WSEI are extremely successful professionally, frequently finding employment in large, international companies in high positions, where they excel. Studying at WSEI gives women an opportunity to stand out on the job market – to achieve their full professional potential.

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