How to Startup with 10k Instagram followers

You know what I never buy Instagram followers and I have gained more than 10k Instagram followers   in 5 months, without using cheap way like “if you follow us you will be able to get a chance of Disney land trip” such a foolish technique! Whatever,  I did it by some kind little techniques for getting followers interaction and have gained in followers. The following I’m going to describe 8 steps or technique whatever you call it.

  1. The Instagram page must be optimized:

Ok! Before following someone what will you see in other, Of course, his/her profile? A follower just sees your profile before following you on Instagram, now you can say that here is the way where you can start! You just need to include the things to keep optimize your account.

  • Your profile name which is most important you can interact peoples with your name.
  • Your profile photo must be high quality because people don’t like blurry photos.
  • You just need to describe some of your biography who you are what you want etc.
  • Also, add your website’s URL in your profile

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  1. Use Best Quality:

Instagram is a social media platform where peoples believe on the visual things, so it is important to share quality things like quality photos by which you can interact followers. Your photos must match your personality and also your follower’s interest. If you are on iPhone you can use different software like VSCO etc. But if you need high-quality photos you must use AFFINITY PHOTO software. This software able to find out errors in your photo. It would not take a long time to understand that which post have more interaction instead to others

  1. Joining the Groups “pods”

Pods are the feature of Instagram by which you can add 15 or less account to at one place mean to say that it is a group of users where posts can interact. You can engage more peoples by this type of grouping, you just need to remind that your post must be related to the groups or pods. With the help of these groups, your post must be bounced to the top of feeds of your Instagram followers.

  1. Usage of Insights in Instagram:

Insight is also a feature of Instagram. It is only available to business profiles. For using this feature you just need to switch your profile to business page or profile of Instagram. By this feature, you will be able to find out which of your post make a good interaction with followers. You can find out which post of yours take more interaction in past 6 months and past year. In this way, you can find out the interest of peoples so you can post a content related to their interest.

  1. Usage of Hashtags and Post Regularly:

The Instagram algorithm is very hard for the users it is not easy to make engagement with peoples by a simple post. Posting regularly make the more interaction instead of irregular post. Using hashtag is considered a very important feature. Because by this you can tag the peoples which you want to interact. If you use Instagram you must know that Instagram allows a user to use the hashtag to tag 30 users, you can use all. But the study shows that 11 hashtags interact more people. If you use all tags you will become shadowbanned so I recommend you to use 9 to 15 hashtags. Before hashtags make sure that the person whom you are going to tag have more than 10k post. This feature ensures that you will be on the top of feeds which means more interaction.

NOTE: If you use all tags (30/30) you will become shadowbanned so I recommend you to use 9 to 15 hashtags

You have to use different hashtags every single time using same hashtags again and again could be harmful to your profile. And there is a risk of becoming a shadowbanned by using same hashtags, by becoming shadow banned your post never show on tags. You can do nothing in this critical situation if you stuck in it. You have to make another profile.

  1. Always Use Geotag in your profile:

Most of the peoples search the post in their region and this is the best opportunity to get engaged with the users. For this purpose, we use the geotags. Geotag is the same feature of the Facebook check-in feature. If you share your location peoples can engage with you and more engagement mean more followers.

  1. Limitations of Engagements:

If you want more followers you must need to check the hashtags of relevant brands of yours and use them in hashtags.  Let’s take an example if I have a profile of SEO I must search for #seo to make the engagement. You can follow more than 75k people on Instagram! So don’t waste time in taking advantage of this algorithm. When you make interaction with the account which is also related to your profile this make the interaction between you both and you both can gain the followers

Take care your account never get banned you don’t have to cross the following limits.  8 to 14 comments per hour. 20 to 40 followers and 300 to 350 likes in an hour don’t cross this limit.

  1. Confidentially Describe your Self:

The follower has the suspense of learning about you don’t be afraid to discuss with followers. Tell them what you love? What do you want to do? What are your dreams?

Sometimes if you have posted the improper things don’t shy to modify them. Always share your opinion with your followers. This is how you can make more interaction.

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