Impressive Ways to Elevate the User Signups for Mobile Apps

Generally, to create an app it takes a lot of hard work and patience. The entire process of creating, delivering and optimizing the app has its own complications. A person can do plenty of simple things in a website that can increase the sign ups, like a free newsletter or a paid subscription service, which don’t require any kind of technical or coding knowledge.

How to stimulate the mobile users to sign up?

Encouraging the Users to Register:

For most of the apps, the registration is an important requirement for accessing certain functionality. For example, a Banking app provides all the details about nearby ATM locations without any kind of registration, but if a person wants to check account statements registration is compulsory one. An app’s core functionality can be accessed once the users are registered. The customers who are registering with the banking apps are benefited in many ways.

How to drive User Registration:

The most important thing is to build a good relationship with the users. The users get a chance to know everything about an app. For example take a shopping app. Here the users are given access to browse the inventory, view special deals or discounts and add items to their cart at zero cost. But when the user desires to make their personal shopping list or even check out, the app should ask the user for registration.

Registration Scenarios:

Finest Registration Process:

The finest way to an efficient registration process is by making one of the easiest and yet very user-friendly registration processes. Some of the users might not feel secure enough to fill up a brief form; one of the easiest ways to register is linking it to the social media accounts.  It is quick and the youths prefer easier rather than complicated. It is always better to use privacy icon to make the person feel secure. A good registration process is the one that is easiest and friendliest for the user.

Bad Registration Process:

This process is also said to be the worst registration process. This process is the most annoying one. The first thing is to avoid asking the users for registration as soon as they open their app. And also do not ask for registration before the user knows the value of the app. Avoid depending on others suggestions also.

When is the perfect time?

A person needs a lot of experimenting time to ask a user for registration. For a person to drive registration, provide them with additional features that offer an important value to the user. Most of the users know that the registration process is a greater value. Another way to offer the users with different levels of registration process minimal will also help to communicate and build trust with the users which in result would make them comfortable enough to fill up their profiles.

As the user gets familiar enough with the application and has a better experience using it, they are more likely to give more of the required information. Mobile app developers and their team have good guidelines for us to implement for effective results. To sum it up, it is all about testing and experimenting with the time and the registration process would make the user base comfortable enough trust to ease up with the registration process.

How to increase your signup?

Make your Call to Action:

The call to action is the single most substantial element of any signup page. Without it, the page has no value. Most of the websites make the call to action nearly invisible. It is identical to other buttons on the page, or it doesn’t stand out.

One should be sure that the call to action is differentiated from the rest of web pages. Use contrasting colors, a larger font, and outstanding positioning for the best results. Test the call to action too. Some of the phrasings might work better than others, and the only color might work better than another. The only way to know this result is to test the possible combinations.

Clarify Your Sign-Up Form:

The best signup forms include the data, which is no more than the absolute bare-minimum required information. If there is no financial transaction involved, then it should be limited to email and maybe name. If the amount is included in this process, then make sure we should ask only for the minimum amount of information required by the credit card processor. If we need a shipping address, make sure that they can auto-fill that information from their billing address. The most important factor is that to lower the barrier to entry as much as possible.

Offer an Assurance:

The assurances are based on what folks are signing up. If it is a free newsletter or sign updates, and then it is assured that an individual won’t sell or share their email address with other companies. If the amount is involved, then we should make sure that we offer some kind of satisfaction guarantee.

Use Popup Forms for Signup:

The real fact is that going for a separate signup page is a barrier. With the help of modal windows for signups, the barrier can be removed. For a visual Website Optimizer, the sign ups can be increased by fifty percent combined with a short form and a modal window. The modal window has the advantage of reducing the distractions on the signup page. It also reduces the risk that a person will become distracted by another link or something else on the page and abandons the signup form before completing it.

Offer an incentive:

When a company is offering a free signup or a paid subscription, offering some kind of incentive to sign up can really increase the conversions. Most of the people prefer free things or discounts. It makes the feel that they are getting a better value. That’s the reason why all the infomercials on TV double the order for free and also provide free gifts. It makes something that it might feel expensive, to begin with seem like a bargain, because of all the “free” things one is getting.

Get into the same psychological drive by offering an incentive to the customers. If we offer a product or service, then consider offering an incentive to early adopters. This can be a great way to get the consumers for a product or service that might not be proven. The most obvious thing is that the more expensive the offer, the better the incentive should be.

Verification Process: The one-time password verification plug-in verifies Email Address and also contact number of users by sending OTP (verification code) during registration. If a user is registering with fake Email Address or mobile number it can be prevented.

Mobile Verification-Advantages:

The data is more valuable as real numbers cannot be generated and refused like email. The Short Message Service fits in well with the mobile flow and thus leads to higher percentage of the registration flow, thus reducing the user-acquisition costs.

Mobile Verification-Disadvantages:

Comparing to email mobile verification is an expensive one. The executed poorly results can be adverse to the overall user acquisition. The spam accounts have a great possibility to activate.


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