19 Tips on how to promote your app

The creation of an application itself is a highly crucial step. However, it is impossible to say, that you have finished your work in case if you did not take care of the main promotional techniques, which could be used for the creation of a great community around your application. That is why, any good developer has to remember, that the entire future of his application depends directly on those technologies and tools, which he or she will use in order to advertise their invention.

So, today we are going to make you familiar with the essential aspects of the mobile app marketing and describe 19 most essential and popular mobile app marketing strategies, which are usually used by the programmers as the main approaches, which may allow them to popularise their application. If you have any questions, linked to this, that article is what you need.

1. Find your niche

That step could be the essential one in the entire process of app promotion. Choosing your own niche is extremely important. It is so, because of the fact that not only the process of app promotion but also app development will depend on that. Simply speaking, you have to be sure in what you are choosing. Furthermore, it is also important to understand, that what you choose is really essential and demanded by people. Due to the fact, that people will not choose what the do not need even in case of the existence of a really good advertisement, you must find a proper topic for your application development and try to make it according to the key terms and principles of it.

2. Create a website

Creation of the website is one of the most essential and important things, that you ought to make. Why so? The answer is deadly simple. The only thing why you need a website is because there it is dead simple to post any essential news and materials, which the customers need. Furthermore, you may be able to integrate that website to social networks and make people more interested in it. By the way, after finding out, that you have a site, your potential customers will finally download your application. However, you have also to remember, that because of the fact, that the website itself needs promotion, it is impossible to use it without such technologies as SEO and marketing, what will allow your resource to have top positions in the search engines.

3. Arrange an advertisement campaign

Maybe, this advice may sound too general. However, I am willing to describe here briefly all the essential factors, which a developer has to keep in mind and remember, while promotion an application. First of all, your campaign has to be interesting. Avoid the usage of old and pretty familiar slogans and motivators to make people download your application. Then, do not be afraid to use any possible approaches and techniques, because any, even a tiny effort here could be extremely successful. So, do not hesitate to use such things as Facebook, blogs, and websites for a successful marketing.

4. Include a link to your application in the letters

While writing various business letters and making some commercial sendings, do not forget to sell your goods. Try to make it in a polite manner and just present your potential customer an opportunity to use such a thing as your application. Just include a link to the application in the letter and make it interesting for a person you are talking about. Why so? Because even such a thing as email marketing could be useful. I will explain why a bit later.

5. Use the blogger community

It is impossible to overestimate the strength and potential of YouTube today. That is why, one of the best decisions, which could be made in order to promote your application is to buy the advertisement from bloggers. Some you may be able just to ask them to say something good about your application and describe what actually a matter to use it every day is. Of course, it costs money, but sometimes, or even often, this method is really successful.

6. Add a link on your business cards

Of course, the usage of business cards is not so popular and important nowadays, but we do not have to hesitate to use any existing way of achieving our goals. So, while giving someone your business card with the personal information do not forget to print there a logo of an app and a web link to it.

7. Discuss your app on forums

Promotion through a discussion is also really interesting way of app advertisement. Why so? It is because while discussing something and talking about different things with other people you are telling them at the same time a story about your application and actually any other product. So, use the forum to make an app even more popular and widely known.

8. Create a YouTube channel

A bit earlier we have already discussed the topic of promotion using the community of bloggers on that resource. But who said, that you are not able to use that platform for the creation of your own channel, where you will be able to tell the viewers everything you want about an application. Actually, it is almost the same as a website but made in a more interactive manner.

9. Use Social Media Advertising

Social media advertisement is a pretty reliable and popular way of telling people, that you have something for them to offer. Of course, it is needless to say, that the community of social networks is giant. But, it is also essential to remember, that the usage of such things as SEO in such posts is extremely important and essential. Furthermore, try to make the headlines attractive and interesting for the customers. It must not be boring it is the essential aspect. By the way, the price of such advertisements is comparatively low.

10. Post QR codes on your app

The usage of QR codes is always interesting for the users. It is so because they do not always know, where it is going to bring them. Due to this, I believe, that such a technique is going to be a pretty good contribution to your advertisement campaign. By the way, even if people do not download a lot, they give a view, what is already highly important for the rates.

11. Arrange presentations, describing an app

Try to talk to people as much as possible. It is highly vital because you must have a technique to explain people all the needed materials, answer questions and just make people familiar with what you are doing in a highly interactive and simple manner. Try to make these presentations interesting, give presents and try to attract the visitors somehow. Moreover, do not be afraid to accept different questions, they may allow you to improve what you already have and polish everything in such a manner, to make your product almost perfect.

12. Use ASO

First of all, what is ASO? ASO stands for App Store Optimisation. Actually, it has lots of similarities with SEO, because of the usage of keywords and similar approaches. However, ASO also means making you AppStore page with an application interesting and colorful. If you want to promote it in a proper manner, fill all the spaces there and add as much media materials as you only want and need. For example, you may need to add videos and screenshots, while making small, but wide descriptions of the features and elements of an application you need and want.

13. Build viral tools

Viral tools are usually as useful as YouTube bloggers. To be honest, while using such an approach, you just make people engage in the promotion of an application. You make them share all of the information and achievements within an application with their friends and subscribers. Of course, they do not have to do it for free. Try to engage people here with the usage of different presents for being active and interested. For instance, if they have shared with more than 100 people, you may give them an opportunity to use some functions of an application for free, for which usual users have to pay. Thus, try to create a special system of carrot-giving and grades.

14. Use email marketing

As I have already highlighted, email marketing, despite being a pretty old, but still working technique, can still bring you gains and profit. So, try to send your potential customers different emails with news and details about an application. Of course, do not forget to include a link there, as well as a set of various photos and videos, what may make your emails more bright and interesting.

15. Use paid tweets

Maybe, someone will say that it is cheating. However, in business, we can use any working tools. That is why; the usage of fake Twitter feedbacks is also possible. For sure, you have to pay people for making feedbacks on your application, but, do be honest; it is still working and might be the easiest way of achievement of your goals and aims in the field of marketing.

16. Drive feedbacks in a proper way

Maybe, that point is not entirely about promotion. However, it is still essential for the future good fate of your application. In case if you want to achieve something in the future and tell the world, that you have a really good application, you need to understand all the criticism in a right way and do not feel offended, because almost all the feedback and comments are important. Of course, you do not have to pay any attention to the biased one. During your professional career, you will learn how to distinguish them.

17. Use focus groups

That approach is one of the most profitable ones. It is so because you are actually able to ask people, what they need and what they want to see on their phones in the future. Maybe, the best situation, when you can use such an approach is even before you choose a niche. Because it allows you to see, what are the demands and willing of common people, who will become the future users?

18. Look for the partners

Collaboration and cooperation are always important. So, you may be able to look for the partners, who will be able to assist you in case if you are willing to popularize your application somehow. For instance, when you are advertising a blog, you can use a technology of guest posts. Something same we have here. So, do not hesitate and be brave enough to handle the discussion and a business meeting with your future business partners in order to make your app successful in the future.

19. Use Facebook

You may use Facebook as a good platform for advertisement not only in case if you use banners. In order to achieve more success, you can create groups there, while attacking people. Furthermore, Facebook may become a sort of a simulation of a focus group interview, due to the fact, that you are also able to create polls there. Finally, do not remember, that it is also a perfect platform for news and fests for your potential audience.


All in all, there are even more various really nice technologies, which can allow you to promote your application in a good manner, while here I have described only several of them. For sure, you may use all of those approaches, which already exist. However, it is even better to think on your own and while being pushed by a commercial interest try to invent new and new techniques and methods. Finally, I hope that this article was really interesting and informative for you and it will be able to help you on your really challenging path.

The author of this article is Vlad Pshenychka, a freelance blogger working now for Artjoker, a software development company that specializes in startups launch including mobile and web development. Our goal is to turn clients’ ideas only to excellent results!

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